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Hi! I am Gina Vetrone Wilson and welcome to 411 on Soaps! I am an avid soap fan and have been all my life. I am having a great time working on this site and I can only hope that it shows. Just to tell you a little about myself, I am a 30 year old full time college student and a mother of two kids that I consider to be pretty cool. I spend my days watching soaps and my nights writing about them.

In all seriousness, I do have other interests. I feel the need to be aprised of the national news at all times, sometimes in an obsessive manner. I love to read and write (obviously) and I love to meet people who have the same interests as me. I also enjoy chatting it up with people with different interests because, hey, I am not scared to learn new things.

I am a passive person. I am sweet. I think I am kind and gentle, not meek, but brave. I am intelligent but not as intelligent as so many people on this forum. I am impulsive especially with my money. I think about big issues as best I can. I read about those that interest me.
I don’t self analyze. I have had enough professional analysis to last a life time. I am a depressive but take enough medicine for it that I keep it at bay. I immediately rectify myself when others point out my drawbacks because I am embarrassed. I usually assume immediately that I was wrong. Later I might think about it and decide I wasn’t wrong and mull it over.

No, I don’t like others judging me. Does anybody?

Last but not least, I am funny, witty. That doesn’t come across in this forum, but I am. My friends think I am hilarious. Just in case you wanted to know. I sit here and read your posts and laugh like hell. You all are funny. And I love it when you get sarcastic with each other.
Enough about me. Somebody else take a turn.


Gina Vetrone Wilson

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  • Super Cute! ;o)

  • Thanks girl!

  • lala1983

    I love your site

  • Thanks girl! Still a work in progress, but we are getting it together!

  • Welcome to the game Ms Wilson! Super proud of you and your team. Ya'll are doing amazing things!

  • Hi! I just started following you on twitter and I love your website. Nice to see someone from the same area as me. I am a huge Y&R fan and have been for 25 years.

  • Your writing is amazing and I wanted to say thank-you for the “spoilers” you post! Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks so much! Keep visiting because there is always more to come!

  • kychic

    love the site… and love when u tweet about the soaps.. cya on twitter

  • This website is awesome. I can tell you take pride in it. The information is wonderful. GREAT JOB!

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