ATWT: Katie One & Liberty Zero

3This week, all of Henry and Audrey’s misdeeds culminate in a dramatic hostage situation that is sure to end in tragedy. Somehow, Katie always falls victim to Henry’s schemes. Mob boss Ralph will kidnap Katie and hold her for ransom, threatening to kill her if Henry doesn’t pay up. This wouldn’t be a soap opera if Katie didn’t give birth during this debacle, and she will. A beautiful Snyder baby will be born to the world. Question is, with Austin Peck’s last air date imminent, will he have a daddy to go home to? Brad’s other child Liberty is going to need all the love and support this week as she loses the one thing she thought she didn’t want. We cannot say for fact, but we are under the belief that Brad’s life will be taken by his own brother Jack, although we are uncertain of all the details. Katie will be left to raise her new baby alone while Liberty will be forced to grow up even more than she already has.

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