ATWT: Liberty Loses the Baby!

7513_3965003In what we can only call a tale of true irony, ATWT’s Liberty could not go through with her planned abortion, telling ex Parker that she had began to grow attached to the little person inside her. Only moments later, Parker and Liberty were walking through a field when she was tackled randomly by a kid who was playing football. Liberty collapsed and was taken to the hospital where she was told that the baby had not survived. Liberty is faced with a long painful road that will lead her straight to adulthood, a road she has already been on for a long time now. The loss of Liberty’s baby will have it’s long lasting impacts on Jack and Janet’s relationship, as well as Paul and Emily’s. With the death of her father Brad looming on the horizon, we have to wonder how much more pain and loss Liberty will have to be subjected to.

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