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GH’s Chad Do-ALL Duell

If you aren’t impressed by GH’s change in the character of Michael Corinthos III, you might want to pay closer attention. Chad Duell has done nothing but deliver in each of his scenes thus far. For example, when he met Kristina in the street and she asked him to just listen to her, he took a step back and he did what she asked. This was a very believable scene for me. I feel like Drew Garrett’s Michael would have flown off the handle, and not acted as maturely as Chad’s Michael. Now, I’m aware that the writing is the cause here, but I wouldn’t have believed Drew in this scene. I feel like Chad connects better with the younger actors, and this was evident in his scenes with Morgan, Molly, and Kristina the other day at the boat house.

Word has it that Chad was in the running for the role the first time they recast but lost out to Drew for whatever reason.  Drew was a great recast, don’t get me wrong.  It seems to me that whatever they throw at Chad, he is going to be able to deliver and be believable.  With May Sweeps upon us, I imagine that the storyline might get a little heavy. I predict that we will see some great acting from Chad. I can’t wait to see what he does with his story!

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What We’ll Be Watching: Romantically Challenged

Romantically Challenged is a new comedy from ABC starring Alyssa Milano. Milano Plays Rebecca who recently divorced after a 15 year marriage. Not only was Rebecca married for 15 years, but she had never really dated anyone before getting married, and married the only man she ever slept with. Now, newly single she is putting herself out in the dating world for the first time. Imagine being in your early 30’s and not knowing much about the world of dating…that in itself is funny which is why we’ll be watching. The show’s first episode is on Monday, April 19th at 9:32 p.m. EST after Dancing with the Stars. The pilot episode also features former soap actor John Brotherton (Jared, One Life To Live) which is just another reason to tune in!

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Life Unexpected: Unexpectedly Good


So I happened to not change the channel when Life Unexpected came on last night and I was surprised that I was quickly pulled in. The story revolves around a 15 year old girl who has grown up in foster care and is hoping to be emancipated. In order to do so she must have a signature from both of her biological parents. She seeks out both only to find out that her mother is her favorite radio DJ and her father, while he is seemingly a guy who hasn’t really gotten it together yet, turns out to be a pretty cool guy. The girl, Lux, played by Brittany Robertson (Swingtown) seems to be fairly well adjusted for someone who grew up in the system. Her mother, Cate Cassidy, played by Shiri Appleby (ER), is a local celebrity has she co-hosts the morning radio show with Ryan Thomas, played by Kerr Smith (Recently of Eli Stone but we all know him as Jack McPhee from Dawson’s Creek) who happens to be Cate’s new fiance, while Lux’s father is Nate “Baze” Bazile, a bar owner. Nate and Cate made the infamous mistake of having unprotected sex when they were just 16. Cate became pregnant but Nate never knew it and didn’t know she had the baby and gave it up for adoption. Lux, has never been adopted because, according to her, everyone wants a baby and when she was a baby she had to have several surgeries due to a heart condition and by the time she was better she was 3.  By the end of the episode, Lux has been denied emancipation, her birth parents have reached out to her, and Cate tells her “everything is going to be ok.” Of course we know its not so I have to tune in again next week. Did you watch? What did you think and will you be tuning in again next week? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Pine Valley: America’s Best Town

amclogoHappy 40th Anniversary All My Children!

I haven’t watched AMC for over a year, but I had to tune in today for obvious reasons.  Here is what I thought!

The custom opening was AMAZING! I loved it. It was a refreshing change and was perfect for the occasion. Of course it opened and closed with Erica but she is the epitome of All My Children so what can you do. She deserves to be the first and last thing we see!

I love the concept of the episode, with Haley coming back to do a feature about Pine Valley and it being the best town in the country. The episode was laid out very well, and reminded me of a scrapbook of sorts.  Each part of the show was about a different topic, marriages, deaths, disasters,  and families. An even balance of archive footage and new footage was used to showcase the great things that this show has to offer. The show ended with creator Agnes Nixon reciting the classic poem that ends with “You are All My Children” and it was the perfect ending.

I loved every bit of this episode and I will continue to tune in just to see if this show continues to be great again. One thing I noticed was something about the new Colby though and I have to mention it. I had not yet seen the new Colby and here is what I noticed: She has a lisp. I might be able to get past it if her acting is great. She is super cute so that’s a start. Just sayin….:)

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OLTL: Will The Real Crypt Keeper Please Rise Up?

mitchcoffinOn today’s One Life To Live we got quite a shock. At Jared’s funeral, with tears streaming throughout the church, Mitch Laurence rose up out of Jared’s casket like the evil, creepy, slimeball that he is. I, for one, thought WTH? Although I knew that it was going to happen, it was still shocking. So, what does this mean for Natalie, Jessica, and Rex? Someone is gonna go psycho, and I don’t think its going to be Jessica this time. Lets hope that someone puts this guy in the ground for good this time around!

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