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What Happens in the Kitchen Stays in the Kitchen

Today’s show opened with Starr talking to her baby about keeping her up all night. I love that they are keeping things real! Pan across the kitchen and see Todd wearing and apron that says “What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen”—you know what? I will be glad to take part in the happenings in the kitchen if Todd is there! Anyway, so Todd was being all fatherly and making breakfast for his family while Blair watched in amazement. The Manning’s were having a nice family breakfast, but then, enter Tea, who was instantly jealous! Blair informed Tea that she is not to have “relations” with Todd in the house in front of the kids, etc….to which Tea said “you have him your house, I have him in my bed” and accused Blair of being jealous. The catfight is on its way. Blair in turn tried to make Todd jealous by hiring a hot young “professional lifeguard” to teach Sam how to swim while she pranced around in her bikini, which by the way, she looked amazing in.  Jack was pretty cute today, commenting on wanting to go to Ozzfest and that he thinks Hope’s first words will be “Uncle Jack is a genius.”

Schuyler and his fantasy about Gigi makes me sad. Even if she didn’t have Rex, she’d never go for him. And nothing hurts worse than being told you are a good friend, which Gigi says to him repeatedly! I’m glad that Gigi filled him and Brody and Jessica in on Operation Hoedown Throwdown.

Rex and Shane playing football was so cute! Of course Super Skank had to ruin it.  Why Stacey thinks she can demand that Rex take Shane to the hospital is annoying to me. Rex needed to grow a pair and tell her that she isn’t Shane’s mother and that she can’t make decisions about him. But thankfully Gigi arrived back home just in time, with Dr. McBain in tow!

I love Jessica and Brody. They are truly perfect for each other. It kinda makes me want to puke. It was so cute when Brody got his acceptance letter to the Police Academy.

Cole and Starr…..I love these two.  Anytime I hear Cole say “my little girl” or “I love you baby girl” my heart just melts. I also love the Cole and John relationship. I’m nervous about Cole going undercover, as is Rachel. I’m glad they have her on board though, I have a feeling Cole is going to need her.  I loved it when Cole told John not to waste time, like he was the adult and John was the kid. Thankfully John listened and went to Marty for a hot makeout session.

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Operation Hoedown Throwdown is on!

FYI: My blogs tend to be observations rather than a recap, so you should probably be sure to watch so you know what I’m talking about!

Nothing irritates me more on this show than Stacey the Super Skank. She was plotting away her next skanktacular move and prancing around Rex’s loft in her stripper attire. Even in jeans and a t-shirt she looks like a skank….that is one hell of a wonder bra she wears all the time! Anyway, all the while, the love of her life, Rex and the love of his life, Gigi were plotting their own Hoedown Throwdown if you will! As sad as it is, it is imperative that Shane is in on the whole charade. When Shane was first learning the truth of the ridiculousness that has been going down the past few months he had an attitude that made me want to smack him. He quickly did a 180 and realized he was wrong and thanked his mother for being so awesome. This made me want to hug him. By the way, I love that Shane and Rex have the same hair cut, it makes them believable as father and son, in my opinion. You should all know that I am a HUGE JPL fan. Rex is making me angry by lying to Gigi about sleeping with Super Skank. I guess things will get worse before they get better. Now, speaking of Super Skank, I love it when she and Roxy go at it. I also love it when Roxy calls Stacey a bitch, makes me grin everytime!  Ok, moving on. Markko and Langston are finally having a good storyline. I feel as though Jason Tam (Markko) has been sorely under used. The dude was on Broadway, please give him something to work with! I love him telling his father that he and Langston were going up to her room and that they were going to shut the door and do whatever they wanted. That was awesome.  Mr. Rivera is the most ridiculous father I have ever seen.I found it amusing as well as humbling that Markko had so many people willing to go to bat for him. The scenes where Moe, Charlie, and Shaun stood up to Mr. Rivera were great. Shaun! Way to go and call out Markko’s dad!  The issue is between Markko and his dad, not between his dad and Dorian. I can’t believe Shaun said “Dorian isn’t to blame for EVERYTHING” Also, Shaun pointed out that Mr. Rivera is a “bully” which was pretty great. I thought I was going to die from laughing when Markko and Langston were playing the video game and it sounded like they were having wild sex. Its the little things people…..the little things that make shows so great and this was one of them! I am so glad that Layla finally has a storyline. Unfornately its not a very good one, but this could change. I’m gonna need her to be with Cristian asap. Note to Kyle: ….dude, shut up. If you aren’t going to explain yourself then don’t speak!  Anyway, he’s clearly obsessed with Fish! Last thought for the day is this. Creepy half dead guy is clearly Rex’s father. I have a prediction that I will now share with you. Its Spencer Truman. Think about kids, it makes perfect sense.

Line of the day: Roxy to Stacey “You may have a place in his bed, but you’l lnever have a place in his heart!”

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Hey Y’all!

Whats up everybody?! Jessica here, ready to give you the 411 on One Life To Live! Before I jump into to blogging about my favorite soap, let me take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I graduated from Ball State University (Where David Letterman went!) in 2003 with a BS degree in Elementary Education. Since graduating I’ve had many different jobs in the education field. I am currently working as a nanny and take care of 4 children. My job can be tiring but I love it! I’ve been married for 6 years to Jacob, who I have been with since we were both 16! We don’t have any children yet but we do have a dog that we love very much!

Obviously OLTL is my favorite soap. I also watch General Hospital and The Young and The Restless. I watched DOOL and AMC in the past and will occasionlly pick back up on both, however I do not have enough time in my life for them all! Other shows I can’t miss include Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90120, Fringe, Castle, Greek, and I’m looking forward to Glee and the new Melrose Place this fall. I am also a huge Twilight fan! Team Jacob all the way! Ha! Music is also very much a part of my life and I will be doing a music related feature so be on the look out for that!  So, thats me in a nutshell! Wanna know more? Follow me on Twitter! @jbo2231 or email me at

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you and interacting with my fellow soap fans! Thanks for checking out my blog and always remember: You only have One Life To Live!