B&B: Bill Wants To Play House With Katie!

Here at the 411, we refer to Bill Spencer, Jr. as the Ass God. Why? Only because we love Don Diamont and his butt in those jeans! I digress. Last week, the Ass God tricked Katie into giving him power over Forrester Creations because he told her he loved her. This week, Katie will announce to the Forresters what has occurred. Brooke will try to talk some sense into Katie, telling her that Bill is just using her for financial gain. Normally, I disagree with Brooke’s advice or find her hypocritical. This time, Brooke knows what she’s talking about. Brooke has been used many times, she should know the signs. Regardless, Katie will reject Brooke’s arguments but in the back of her mind, that creepin feeling will still be there….Bill will by the Forrester Beach house this and ask Katie to move in with him. Since Bill and Katie are the hottest thing to hit B&B since the 1980’s, that is just okay with us. Brooke and the rest of the Forresters may feel a little differently.

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