B&B: Dollar Bill, OMGWTH???

billkati-001I must admit that the only thing that fuels me to invest my time in Bold and the Beautiful is Don Diamont, who portrays Dollar Bill Spencer, Jr. Having said that, I also adore Heather Tom as Katie and I certainly find the on air relationship between these two to be uber H-O-T! I think it safe to assume that Dollar Bill came to town to reap havoc upon Eric Forrester. Suddenly, he was embroiled in a whirlwind relationship with Katie that prompted many of us to think maybe Bill wasn’t so bad after all. Recently, Bill persuaded Katie into helping him obtain Forrester Creations and made her C.E.O. Brooke and the gang were quite unhappy with that. Bill also obtained the Forrester beach house and asked Katie to move in with him. Days ago, Katie was snooping as usual and found a DVD. Katie asked Bill what it was, he brushed her off. Basically, he told her it was personal and not to stick her snoopy nose in it. Katie just can’t help herself! On yesterday’s episode, the Snoop watched Bill’s sacred DVD and learned the real reason why he came to town. To avenge the Great Stephanie for his father, Bill Sr., who could never get her to love him as much as she did Eric. In true soap fashion, Dollar Bill caught her in the act. Katie called him out, Bill defended his actions, they argued and argued. Suddenly, Bill snatched Katie up and put the lips down her. I was glued to my screen! After the kiss, Bill told Katie not to ever question him again. Key words: question HIM, not “question our love”. Then, he followed up with “Do I make myself clear?”. Katie did what any Logan Linx would do, and fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Not only was the episode great (Steffy fell off the yacht! LOL), but it actually had me wondering if Bill really loves Katie, or if he just really needs her to honor his dead father’s wishes.

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