B&B: Name That Dog!

1It is really hard to make it through an episode of B&B without laughing your ass off at something that was never meant to be funny in the first place. B&B has no shortage of ridiculous storylines and the latest Jackowen debacle is no different. Suddenly, Owen wants to have a baby and apparently, Steffy is the only fertile young thing in town. Jackie is beyond the years of child bearing and has generously offered to let Owen go so that he can become the father he wants to be. A desperate Owen has tried to find ways to have his cake and eat it too, and the topic of surrogacy has come up. Finally, Jackie just gave up, telling Owen and Steffy to do the damn thing and procreate already. Owen isn’t ready to give up on his beloved Jackie M just yet, so today he offered up a brand new solution. Adopt a puppy! Under normal circumstances, this may not be that funny. However, Jessica and I were discussing the hilariousness of the character names on B&B and how they all follow a very distinct theme. In lieu of Owen’s brand new idea, we have come up with some fitting names for the “new addition” to the Knight family. They are as follows:

Quartz, Topaz, Charcoal, Fossil, Diamondique, Brick, Cinder, Ore, and last but not least, Stream.

Also, we took it upon ourselves to go ahead and pick out the puppy for Owen and Jackie. We know how busy they are, running a major fashion house and all.


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