B&B: Steffy The Homewrecker!


For months now, Jackie and Owen (B&B) have been having problems in their marriage. Jackie’s scandalous past came back to haunt her again. She almost slept with Whip. Almost. Owen seems to have gotten past all of Jackie’s scandalocity and the couple has (temporarily) mended fences. Enter Steffy, who seems to be more like her mother, Taylor, everyday. Steffy is young and has a banging body and she knows how to use it. Steffy has been sticking her nose in all of Owen’s business, especially when it concerns his marriage to Jackie. When this began, we all knew what it would lead to. Last week, Steffy kidnapped Owen and took him on Nick’s yacht to get him away from all of his troubles and show him what it is like to have fun again. We are pretty sure that if Owen would have been freed from Steffy’s talons, Jackie would have shown him lots of ways to have fun. Regardless, a bikini clad Steffy began to tickle Owen and during the struggle, Steffy fell and smashed her dome on the side of the yacht. Then, she fell over the side. Of course, Owen jumped in and was “forced” to give her mouth to mouth. Suddenly, Steffy has had an epiphany! The little scamp has chosen to set her sights on Mr. Knight and dig her claws into his sexy chest at the first chance she gets. You would think that one would learn from watching her mother go after the same man for over 20 years and getting absolutely nowhere. Guess not.

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