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One Life To Live: Dani is a Damsel In Distress

What is a girl to do? Her father, who she has not yet developed a relationship with, is in big trouble. Her sister, Starr, is a wreck because of their father and because of her boyfriend, Cole. Her mother just got some horrible news, and she can’t make up her mind about Matthew and the new guy. What’s going to happen when Todd is found guilty of killing Marty’s baby? Whats going to happen when Tea dies from her brain tumor? Whats going to happen Starr gets arrested for trying to tear Hannah apart? Whats going to happen when Matthew and new guy get in a fight because of Dani?

I don’t know if any of those things are going to happen, but one thing is for sure, Dani is going to freak out about whatever happens.  There is a good possibility that Tea may die from her tumor as it is rumored that Florencia Lozano is leaving the show. So what does that mean for Dani and Todd? Will she finally accept him as her father and build a relationship with him? Will her mother’s death send her straight into Matthew’s arms? And, if Tea dies, will Blair become her psuedo mother? There are a lot of possibilities! We’ll just have to wait and see!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!

5 DOOL scenes that NEED to happen!

Sami and Carrie Brady Pictures, Images and Photos

Alice Horton’s funeral will be bringing back sevreal fan favorites to the canvas later this June.  Here is my take on five scenes that should happen, just as a little nod to us fans!

1. Sami Brady & Carrie Brady

Perhaps the best rivalry to come to Salem in the 1990’s, Sami Brady hated the special treatment she felt her saintly sister Carrie got.  Though, sevreal of us were scratching our heads wondering who the hell would fight like that over Austin, we none the less ate it up!  These two need to have a scene in order to patch things up.  When Carrie left town in 2006, she was furious with Sami for blackmailing Lexie into lying to Carrie that if Carrie had children with Austin they would have a birth defect.

2. Laura Horton, Kate Roberts & Vivian Alamain

When Laura first returned to town in the 9o’s, she was in an asylum rooming with Vivian Alamain.  Laura knew a secret about Vivian’s enemy Kate: that Kate had an affair with Bill Horton which resulted in a son, Lucas, back when Kate was a hooker.  I would like to see these three share a little scene for old times sake, as well as for some comic relief during a sad time.

3. Kimberly Brady, Shane Donovan and Victor Kiriakis

Victor once believed he was the father of Kim’s baby Andrew, but it turned out that Shane was actually the father.  Kim & Shane were MAGIC and should certainly share a scene, so why not throw Victor into one of them?

4. Anna DiMera & Carrie Brady

I have been hearing that Ms. Hunley was not taping during Alice’s funeral, but I will hold out hope! We have NEVER seen a scene with Carrie & Anna.  And if we did, it was when Carrie was very, very young.  It needs to happen, for Carrie’s own good.

5. Jennifer Deveraux & Hope Williams

Hope & Jen are THE best of friends, and we loved their relationship on Days of Our Lives.  I would just love to see a fun “girlfriends” type scence between them.

Honorable Mentions:

– Bill Horton, Lucas Horton, Jennifer Deveraux, Michael Horton

– Sami Brady, Lucas Horton, Vivian Alamain

-Laura Horton & Bill Horton

– Kayla Brady & Stephanie Johnson

– Jennifer Deveraux & Carly Manning

Are there any scenes that you’d like to see?  Let us know!

GH’s Chad Do-ALL Duell

If you aren’t impressed by GH’s change in the character of Michael Corinthos III, you might want to pay closer attention. Chad Duell has done nothing but deliver in each of his scenes thus far. For example, when he met Kristina in the street and she asked him to just listen to her, he took a step back and he did what she asked. This was a very believable scene for me. I feel like Drew Garrett’s Michael would have flown off the handle, and not acted as maturely as Chad’s Michael. Now, I’m aware that the writing is the cause here, but I wouldn’t have believed Drew in this scene. I feel like Chad connects better with the younger actors, and this was evident in his scenes with Morgan, Molly, and Kristina the other day at the boat house.

Word has it that Chad was in the running for the role the first time they recast but lost out to Drew for whatever reason.  Drew was a great recast, don’t get me wrong.  It seems to me that whatever they throw at Chad, he is going to be able to deliver and be believable.  With May Sweeps upon us, I imagine that the storyline might get a little heavy. I predict that we will see some great acting from Chad. I can’t wait to see what he does with his story!

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DWTS: Kate Gosselin Gets the Boot!

It took about four weeks longer than first anticipated, but Kate Gosselin’s reign on DWTS has come to a close. After her atrocious dance to “Don’t You Forget About Me”, Kate was finally given the boot after soap hottie Aiden Turner. Let’s hope now we really can forget about her.