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Pine Valley always has some scandal going on. I’ve got it for you right here.

AMC’s New Bianca!!! Meet Christina Bennett Lind!

TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan is reporting All My Children’s search for a new Bianca is over. AMC has snagged Christina Bennett Lind to play the role vacated by Daytime Emmy award-winner and fan favorite Eden Riegel.

Thanks to Daytime Confidential for the deets!

AMC: Red Liza is Out For Revenge!

Never mess with a woman scorned, least of all AMC’s Red Liza! This week, Red Liza’s pain over being dumped by Tad will turn into bitter anger and she will pledge to get even. No clues on what kind of revenge we are talking about just yet. However, there aren’t many women who can deliver spiteful bitch like Jamie Luner. I am sure it will make for some great entertainment!

AMC Spoiler Alert 4/26: Adam Wants a Divorce!

Courtesy of Soap Central:

Annie plots to take back what she lost

Liza presents Annie with divorce papers from Adam

Amanda is troubled by her stalker’s escalating behavior

Jake takes steps to lure out the stalker

Ryan watches over Madison

David senses that Madison might be the key to get to Ryan

Erica and Jackson make a decision about their relationship

Tad looks for Damon