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I am not going to lie. I have taken a one year hiatus from watching the citizens of Oakdale and all their craziness. I am down to give the show another try. Who’s coming with me?

ATWT Spoiler Alert 5/10: Reid is Green with Envy!

Holden is determined to protect Lily from Craig

Molly puts her plan to get Holden’s notice into action

Eliza’s safety is called into question

Emily gets into a difficult situation

Meg is upset when she is unable to turn Paul against Emily

Luke and Noah share a romantic interlude

Reid is called out on his jealousy

Henry and Barbara play a naughty game

Liberty schemes to reunite Janet and Dusty

Dusty and Jack join forces

Dusty sets up a fake inheritance from Rocco in Janet’s name

Carly schemes to keep Jack in the dark

Craig is suspicious of Parker

Gabriel struggles to recover

Van Hansis in New Horror Movie!

Van Hansis (Luke) revealed to We Love Soaps’ Damon Jacobs he will be starring in a horror film called Occupant.

We Love Soaps: How are all your fans still going to be able to find your work?

Van Hansis: I’ve got to get cast in something and then they can watch that [laughs]. But I am a doing a movie, I can talk about it now. It’s called, Occupant. It’s a horror film in the vein of [Roman] Polanski, that is, it’s a psychological thriller. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a big departure from Luke.

We Love Soaps: In what way?
Van Hansis: In every way. The character is nothing like Luke at all. I’m excited to try something new and I’ve never done a film before. We’re in pre-production now, and the whole process that comes into play is so excited.