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I am not going to lie. I have taken a one year hiatus from watching the citizens of Oakdale and all their craziness. I am down to give the show another try. Who’s coming with me?

Carly has Denialitis ATWT

This is my first ATWT blog since I started viewing again. If I missed something, somebody please let me know…

Emily went in search of Hunter, who supposedly left town. After tricking a bellhop into letting her into Hunter’s room, she located him under a giant pile of disheveled clothes. Hunter informed her that he didn’t want another mother. Emily basically told him “too bad” and convinced him to go out to eat with her.

Allison was over at Larry’s arguing over Hunter’s existence. Larry tried to explain the situation, but Allison wasn’t listening. After she told Larry that Hunter had left town after learning the truth about his parentage, Allison received a call from Emily, who informed her that Hunter had been located. Emily and Hunter met up with Susan and told her all about Larry’s egg stealing and donating. Susan was shocked, but greatful to have a new grandson. Larry showed up and Susan promptly kneed him in the balls. Later, Allison and Hunter bonded. Aw.

Carly woke up in the hospital with Craig by her side and I was amused when she acted embarrassed about her latest drinking debacle. Carly apologized and Craig coddled her. Carly got clearance to leave the hospital. Over at the Snyder farm, Jack and Janet were discussing their “perfect” marriage and Parker and Liberty finally being friends. Rosanna busted in and told Jack that Carly needed his help NOW. Janet quickly pointed out that Carly wasn’t his problem anymore. In true Jack style, he ran off to help her anyway.

At the hospital, Rosanna, Craig, and Jack all tried to convince Carly to go to rehab. Carly was pissed, in denial, and insisting that she was totally cool. Jack and Rosanna left and Carly convinced Craig to take her to a private cabin instead of to rehabe. Craig the idiot did just that. At the cabin, Carly decided to whip up some crusty pasta and unbeknownst to Craig, just happened to find a bottle of cooking wine in the cabinet. She conned Craig into going to the store for pasta without her. Craig the idiot did that as well. When he returned, Carly, and the bottle of wine, were both missing.

Before leaving for the store though, Craig called Janet and let her know the new cabin plan. Janet didn’t like the sound of the new plan, and ran off to tell Jack. She did, and while she was at it, Janet told Jack that she couldn’t live in Carly’s shadow anymore.

Good stuff, I have to say. But I ponder…….Where the hell did Jack’s buff ass chest go? If you know, please let me know!

Not the Same Old Oakdale

Wow. After viewing yesterdays and todays episodes, I have learned a few things but I have so many questions! I remember when the Carly and Craig vodka debacle began. At last I saw, Carly had come home late because of her new budding alcoholism. Craig continued to get with her. In true Carly style, she couldn’t resist his charms. I watch yesterday and she is getting ready to marry Craig while Rosanna runs around and gathers vodka bottles by the dozen. Carly didn’t show up for her wedding. The only one that seemed prepared for that was Parker, who is still just as annoying and stalkish as he was before. He is a lot taller though.

Carly drove around getting more drunk today in a cab before getting the boot at Holden’s what? Bachelor shack? What the hell happened? I need answers people! Damian and Fake Lily had a lot of scenes together….Luke and Noah made references to being engaged, yet Luke couldn’t find him today, just a box of his psychotic father’s crap? Margo suddenly likes Craig again? Johnny is big. What is up in Oakdale?

I need answers. If you know the answers to any of the questions above. Please leave a comment and let me know…I am suffering…

What is Big and Popping in Oakdale?

Once again, I have to confess that at I was die hard ATWT fan once. Then, I was slapped with the Janet and Jack pairing and, the even worse pairing of the prepubescent children of them both. Gross. I am a CarJack fan and probably always will be. I watched my first episode yesterday. Was I pleased as punch? No. Do I love Carly mixed with lots of vodka and Craig? YES! I will be watching. I need to be aprised of any new and recent developments on the show. If you think you have something of relevance, please drop a comment for me in the box below. I will read and respond to comments on a regular basis, so feel free to drop by anytime.