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Salem is a crazy town. Almost as crazy as it’s denizens! I will keep you posted.

Is it a fair trade?

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A sort of a trade-off, in my opinion. Days Of Our Lives fans were outraged earlier this year, and in late 2008, when Ken Corday announced the departures of Deidre Hall (Marlena), Drake Honesty (John), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve) and Thaoo Penghlis (Tony). However, fans of the early 1990’s of Days seem to be rejoicing. Crystal Chappell (ex Maggie, OLTL; Olivia, GL) is returning as Dr. Carly Manning/Katerina Von Leuschner. Louise Sorel brings Vivian Alamain back, and Wally Kurth (ex Ned, GH) is back as Justin Kiriakis. It’s a casting whirlwind at Days Of Our Lives, but people do not seem to mind. Fan favorite Sorel has been sorely missed during her decade off. It will be exciting to see what Days has in store for her as she returns to Salem.

One of the more ironic returns is that of Wally Kurth. His character of Justin was wildly popular with Judi Evans’ (ex Paulina, AW; ex Beth, GL) Adrienne. Judi, who also played Bonnie, recently departed from Days after a brief stint as Adrienne. Viewers wondered if Justin would return, and, of course, he didn’t. Now that Justin does return to Days, Judi Evans joins As The World Turns as Maeve, beginning on August 26. How ironic, indeed. I just hope that Justin brings back one of his children to town. He has 2 adopted children with Adrienne (they are twins): Victor and Joseph. He has son Alexander with Anjelica Deveraux, and he has Jackson biologically with Adrienne. Alexander would be 20 years old now, without SORASing. Joseph and Victor are both 18, without SORASing. I don’t remember how old Jackson is, but we could make him Will’s age, 16. I think that Justin’s return could be used well, especially in this Kiriakis-DiMera feud.

What do you all think of these returns? Would like to see other returns? Do you think that the firing of Drake, Dee, Stephen & Mary Beth was worth it, if this is the outcome? Let us know!

Nicole Confesses All of Her Dirty Deeds….to a Comatose Chloe!

nicoleNicole is the runner up to the Wicked Witch of Salem, Kate, when it comes to evil deeds and sheisty shenanigans. This week, even Nicole herself won’t be able to take the guilt from the pain she has caused and will feel the urge to confess. Most sinners go to the confessional to drop their sinful basket of goodies, but Nicole would never do such a thing. That would require entering a church and we all know that if Nicole just entered the doorway of a church she would melt. Nicole will go to Chloe, who is currently in a coma. Of course the point of this story telling is for Nicole to get everything off her chest. But for viewers who might want to see Nicole get what is coming to her, it would be nice to see her confess to someone who could actually hear her.

Lucas Knows All/Days of our Lives

Lucas comes back to Salem this week but all will not be as it was when he left! Chloe will be comatose and even worse, Lucas will find out about Chloe and Daniel’s trysts. To add insult to injury, he will be questioned by the police, or Hope, as to his involvement in Chloe’s poisoning debacle. Lucas will attack, I mean confront Daniel who in turn will openly point the finger at Kate. I am glad that someone can figure that out. I still can’t believe that Lucas doesn’t have an inkling of Kate’s guilt after everything she has done to his girlfriends and

Who The Hell Are These People?

This is me, asking you as a Days fan to explain a little something to me. I hunkered down to watch Days in the middle of working on finals with the full intention of of soaking in all the information I could muster. So I see original Phillip handing jewelry to a girl I know to be Stephanie. I know she was kidnapped recently. I have no idea why or by whom, but I suspect that Phillip was involved, if not the ring leader, of whatever the hell happened. Stephanie refused the gift and said she didn’t want anything from him.

Cut to Nicole chatting it up on the phone. EJ comes in looking handsome but pissed. Keep in mind that EJ is the hottest guy on Days in my opinion and has been since Nicholas left after his sordid affair with Kate. Regardless, EJ asked Nicole why she was on the phone with Sami. Then he reminded her that he forbid her from talking to Sami ever again. I realize some baby stealing went on and the baby just died? Am I close? What happened? I need to be updated.

Bo was arguing with Victor for a hot second and then…..there was little red headed chick in shower that was in the middle of the damn outside. Didn’t Carrie and Austin and Sammy used to play sexcapades in there on a constant basis? Some young man ran by and screeched. Then she screeched. Then another boy came along and accused the red head of being with the first dude, who then said he was her room mate. Enter some other little chick that looked like she was 12 and panicked, and then the camera zoomed into the face of yet another teenager I had never seen before in my life, who also seemed to be in a panic.

So I ask you friends: Who the hell ARE all of these people. I implore you to respond below and inform me. I am so confused!

Going Back to Salem

I have not watched Days in about five years. Like I have said before, it wouldn’t be fair to devote a site to Soaps if you didn’t have info on all the soaps. So, I recorded it on my DVR for the show the other day. After viewing it, I found myself pondering the following 2 questions:

1. Why has the show stayed exactly the same when it comes to Kate and Lucas? Cut the damn cord!

2. What the hell is up with Chloe? WOW

Never the less, I will continue to watch Days and soon will posting a new blog and sharing my opinions. Thanks for being patient with me.