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Sometimes people wear clothing that often make us ask ourselves if that person even knew where to find their own mirror. Let’s discuss and share opinions!

I Scream For Nikki Newman’s Ice Cream

Recently in the wake of their upcoming wedding, Paul Williams gave Nikki Newman (Y&R) and ice cream cone charm that represented their first date over 20 years ago. The relationship hadn’t worked out the first time so Paul was hoping this ice cream cone would last a little longer this time. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Nikki made it through the rehearsal dinner, but stopped short of the wedding march, siting her undying love for Victor. Whether you like ice cream or not, you may have liked that little charm as much as I did. Therefore, I went searching for one and found one made by Juicy Couture for around $50. Enjoy

Maximista: Fashion Extraordinaire/GH Gossip

When Spinelli asked Maxie to marry him, she did not give an answer. Maxie did take his ring, although she refused to wear it on the appropriate finger. On Friday’s 8/7 episode, Spinelli crashed a family dinner over at Mac’s house and asked for his daughter’s hand. Maxie was dressed for the occasion as usual, wearing a cute little black and white pattern dress. The 411 wants you to know that after a little research we found a similar frock that a dancing monkey could afford!


This dress can be found for $22 at Forever 21! I think that is a sweet deal. I saw the dress at

Maxie’s decision to wear her new shiny not-yet-engagement ring on her right hand prompted me to think about her usual choice of rings. The wardrobe gurus at GH get a lot of the actresses accessories from Nordstroms. As I was browsing the Nordstroms website, I happened upon this Kate Spade “les fleurs” ring, $75, and matching cuff bracelet, $125.


Nordstrom also carries a Kate Spade necklace that goes with the set shown for $125 and can be found at Tell us who sports your favorite soap character style, and who you think needs some serious help and we will do a fashion feature on it. Thanks! Just leave your thoughts and comments below…