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Mobsters, brain damage, hottie guys, hottie girls, and crazy ass storylines, oh my! See who’s swimming with the fishes in Port Charles.

GH Spoiler Alert 6/21: Olivia and Johnny Split!


Michael is free to go home, but he must live with Dante, stay away from Sonny and leave Jason behind in prison.

Olivia and Johnny break up.

Claire and Sonny argue about Johnny.

Ethan flirts with Maya.

Skye wants Jax’s help in finding Alcazar’s money.

Nikolas finally rids Wyndemere of Helena.

Patrick’s jealousy grows and he hits Steve.

Jason is questioned about Carter’s murder.

Patrick acts on his feelings.

Michael has a heart to heart with his brother about Sonny.

Luke makes a move.

Sonny has a plan.

Sam pretends to be someone else.

Luke goes overboard – literally.

Carly ups her plan for revenge.

GH: Vanessa Marcil IN!

The online world has been all a flutter over the possible return of Vanessa Marcil to General Hospital. Peep this tweet from Soap Opera Digest:

@SoapDigest Vanessa Marcil back to GH! The actress will return to Port Charles on August 11 with a big secret.

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