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Mobsters, brain damage, hottie guys, hottie girls, and crazy ass storylines, oh my! See who’s swimming with the fishes in Port Charles.

Courtly Love Be Damned: Spixie Finally Makes Love! GH

I just want to say that for a Tuesday, this was one of the best episodes I have ever seen. This episode was better than any cliffhanger Friday. Having said that…Here’s what I’ve got:

The Solivia kiss from yesterday was still going on today and it was still hot. Olivia broke free and tried to slap Sonny who mocked her all the way. Sonny continued to laugh while Olivia showed her raw emotion through tears and anger. I felt her pain for real. Sonny told Olivia she was absolutely perfect and that he liked everything about her. Olivia replied that maybe he should get a puppy. Olivia gave Sonny the boot, but we all know he will be back.

Sam was still walking around in her stripper get up when she suddenly tripped over some random non-existent something on the floor. Of course, she went flying through the air and landed in Jason’s hot sexy arms. Sam laughed at the luck of her broken stripper shoe, Jason’s face remained stone cold, but I know he wanted to laugh! Sam asked for a laptop so they could start an investigation on Dante, but they didn’t get much of that done. No, they didn’t do anything yummy either. Talk talk talk. Snore.

Spinelli was on stage, still nervous but ready to sing. He sang I Want to Know What Love Is, and although he was shaky, he eventually wowed everyone in the crowd full of assholes. The song ended in a very serious lip lock between Spin and Maxie. They sat down to drink their champagne and Spinelli confessed about the dumb microphone stunt he almost pulled. Maxie was cool and the couple left. Jason and Sam were still chilling when Maxie and Spin burst through door and ran up the stairs. They made out for a while while Sam and Jason listened from below and laughed their asses off. Then they made googly eyes at each other while Spin and Maxie finally made love. It was awesome! After up they were done, Maxie told Spin she loved him. I cried like a damn baby.

Claudia met up with Dante and they shared insults, sarcastic barbs, and threats. Dante ran off to dig up dirt and he hooked up with some mob dork. Dante asked the mob dork for help in getting something to get him into Sonny’s crew. The mob dork was empty handed, but upon second thought, spilled the beans anyway. Dante ran to Sonny’s and told him all. Sonny was cool, and offered him a drink. Then, he told Dante that if the tip was bad, Sonny would put a bullet in his temple. Okay then!

Rebecca was being a weirdo and showing how much she really loves Nikolas when she got up and snuck off to be with Ethan. Earlier in the evening, Ethan played I-spy while Nik and Rebecca killed on the docks. Rebecca saw him and asked him what was up, worried that he is going to ruin the plan. Ethan called her out on her growing feelings and Rebecca made excuses and lied through her teeth. Ethan threatened to expose her for 128th time and she ran home and snuck back into bed with Nik, happy to rub his giant tattood muscles again.

Robin and Patrick bonded and discussed true feelings and all that good stuff and then proceeded to have boring married person sex off camera.

Sonny came home from Olivia’s apparently smelling like “whore” and Claudia was none too pleased. She instantly started bitching at Sonny who told her to shut the hell up because he didn’t want to deal with her. Claudia can’t stand that kind of rejection, and continued to fight. She called Olivia a whore 50 times before Sonny looked the bitch in the eyes and said “And your the tramp who slept with my brother!” They fought more.

Like I said, this episode was great. I posted a vid of Spin singing in case you haven’t seen it or you just want to see it again. Enjoy!

Hey Sam! What do you have on under there? GH Recap

I like it on days when Port Charles is full of both fun and drama, and today was one of those days.

Spinelli found several ways to stall to avoid getting on stage and singing to Maxie now that his microphone had fried in a pitcher of beer. The crowd and Maxie pressured Spin to get on stage, but he asked for some prep time and got all kinds of boos. Maxie tried to help Spinelli along by grabbing Lulu and Rebecca and hopping on stage. The trio ruined a version of some innocent Pussy Cat Dolls song which caused quite a stir. Didn’t really matter, after all that, Spinelli still continued to stall. Later, Spin asked Diane for love advice because Maxie was starting to become offended at his reluctance to sing.

Ethan and Nikolas were also in attendance at the bar, and both men were keeping a close eye on Rebecca. Rebecca got up from the party table to get another round and Ethan jumped up to follow her. Once they were alone, Ethan did what Ethan does best: Threatened to expose Rebecca and ruin their dastardly plan. Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it all before. Nikolas interrupted, questioning what was going on between Rebecca and Ethan. Ethan made his own version of the “look” before cutting to commercial break.

Sonny will still pissed at Dante from Friday’s eppy and it showed when he came on my screen today. Dante stressed that he wanted to work for Sonny. Sonny replied that he didn’t know whether to shoot Dante, or kick his ass out onto the sidewalk. He chose neither, and settled for giving a Dante a chance to prove himself. Claudia interjected through out, arguing and bitching and making her point perfectly clear to anyone that would listen. Sonny questioned Claudia about her dislike towards Dante. Claudia chased down Dante and questioned his intentions as well. Claudia got in Dante’s face and for a hot second, I thought she was going to the five point exploding heart technique on his ass. This, however, was not the case.

Jason, in the meantime, was at the prison hanging out with King Daddy Zacchara trying to get dirt on Claudia the Clingy. My favorite line of the day came out of that old man’s lips when he said this: “You can’t kid a kidder, kid”. Jason brushed off any jokes and asked Papa Z for some proof. Jason went back to his place. Dante showed up soon after looking for advice. While Dante talked, Jason twirled a gun with his finger. It was pretty hot, it you can consider such a thing to be so. After Dante left, Jason was alone to pick up his celly and call someone. I figured it was Sam, and it was. I don’t know where she came from, but she was wearing a little black coat. Noticing this, I pondered why she would be wearing that in the middle of the summer. Um. Sam took off the little coat, and underneath was a surprise! A surprise for Jason, because Sam was wearing a sexy showgirl outfit and a surprise for us, because of the look on Jason’s face when he saw Sam wearing it. Priceless.

Over at Olivia’s, Jolivia were in deep conversation about past relationships, particularly the one Olivia has with Sonny. Olivia got tired of talking about it because it was hitting to close to home. Jolivia made assurances that all was well and shared some kisses and Johnny left. Olivia and “The Cleavage” were alone to contemplate their thoughts when Sonny showed. Sonny was his usual ass of a self and Olivia stood her ground. I laughed my ass off when Sonny called Claudia a miserable lying witch. Shortly after, Olivia and Sonny got in some hot kissing action of their own. It was kind of hot. I am not going to lie.

Coming up on General Hospital

On weekends, while other folks are out living their lives, I dig up dirt on what is happening in the coming weeks. So, here is what I have discovered for General Hospital:

Spinelli will proposed to Maxie from up on top of a rooftop somewhere. Spin will screw it up by dropping the ring and Maxie won’t make a decision right away, as Spin will be hoping for.

Look for a big car accident to happen this week. Carly will go wondering off on foot again while Claudia and Michael play camera chicken. Claudia will ultimately be the victim, which will turn out to be at her benefit in the long run.

Apparently, the car accident will result in one giant blame game with Sam blaming Kristina, Alexis blaming Michael, and yet, it doesn’t seem as if anyone is blaming Claudia. It will turn out that Kristina could have driving the car after all.

Olivia will share a hot kiss with Sonny. Claudia and Johnny will both find out and be pissed. I am sure they will be even more pissed when they find out that the two had sex. Yes, friends, Sonny and Olivia will have sex. I am not sure how this makes me feel, as I am a Jolivia fan. I am willing to wait and see.

Jerry will come back in July. I hope he is coming back to take care of Claudia once and for all, or at least add some color to her damn wardrobe.

While in the hospital, Claudia will con Dr. Kelly into botching up the paternity tests so that Sonny will be proven to be the father. This will prompt to Johnny to question Sonny about his intentions with the baby when it is finally born. I assume that Claudia will still be pregnant at Christmas because neither she nor Carly have even a slight pooch that resembles pregrancy.

Sam and Jason will come close to becoming closer but will be interrupted by Dante, who is on a mission to become a part of Sonny’s mob.

Michael will turn himself in for causing the accident although it is possible that he could be innocent. He will be arrested. It will suck.

Jonson Takes over Port Charles

As usual, General Hospital was hopping with mob craziness yesterday. Johnny and Jason, who from now on will be labeled as Jonson, were clad in bullet proof vests. After coming across some fresh blood, one of our bad boys said something about the cops coming. The sirens were so loud, the people in China could hear them. After a little bit more investigation, the boys discovered some deceased. Jason said this: “Great, we got 3 dead bodies and a grip of drugs!”. I had to get a grip on my loud ass laughter shortly thereafter.

Olivia was just chillin when someone grabbed her from behind. It was kind of scary until it was revealed that it was Dante and that he was just playing around. Mother and son drank some beer and Dante questioned Olivia about his father. He said that he did not want it to be Sonny. Too bad dude. Later, Claudia ran into Dante and she got all up in his face and told him to get out of Port Charles. He said he wasn’t going anywhere and that he was going to join Sonny’s clan.

Moving on, we had some Spinelli and his near death cat singing style practicing for the big karaoke show. Dr. Patrick and Robin showed up to discuss the Brianna debacle and when Spin opened the door as they described the screaming they heard. Spin confessed that he couldn’t sing and Dr. Patrick suggested some pitch correction software for Spin to use. Suddenly Maxie showed up and straight up told Spin that “as a singer” he sucked. Ouch. That was harsh. Spinelli called a company that supplies the software and after ordering it, he told the guy: “You rock on with our bad self as well”. Later he got the software and was using it when Stone Cold came in and overheard. This karaoke show is going to be great!

So Andrea went online and posted a gang of fake and inappropriate emails from Alexis to the mayor. In the meantime, Dr. Patrick, Robin, and Spin have decided that Andrea is the #1 suspect. I think it’s Alexis. Actually, I am confused! Alexis was at the restaurant and Andrea stormed up and basically spouted off loud ass accusations in order to put Alexis on front street. Alexis was the better, and clueless, woman. She walked out and walked into her home to discover Kristina reading the fake emails.

Carly is a great mom, and decided to let Michael keep his new car with no rules attached but the law of the land. Sonny actually had the nerve to argue with her when he bought the damn thing in the first place. Finally they both agreed to let him keep it. Michael bonded with both Edward and Carly. Nu-Michael is adorable. Something about him….Michael was in such a good mood that he bonded some more with Morgan too.

Jolivia action was on and poppin yesterday! They had sex, but not before Johnny kissed Olivia and said she tasted good. She responded that it tastes like sausage and peppers. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Then the couple had a discussion about Catholicism. Interesting because I happen to be writing a term paper about that very topic!

Finally, Claudia and Sonny were fighting as usual when Claudia announced suddenly that the baby kicked. Sonny was delighted to rub the baby filled with the growing seed of his MIA brother….

Spixie Love

When Damian Millhouse Spinelli came to Port Charles in 2006, his main role was to act as Jason Morgan’s sidekick. Spinelli was brought in to help in the Metro Court hostage crisis; however, he soon made his way into the hearts of the citizens of Port Charles and the hearts of General Hospital fans everywhere.

We were first allowed into “The Jackal’s” psyche through his vivid fantasies early on in the game when Spinelli fell in love with Lulu Spencer. We were able to see that Spin wears his heart on his sleeve. Lulu had some relationship issues of her own and Spin became resolved to being just friends with “The Original Blonde One” Lulu.

While Spin was still licking his wounds over Lulu, another Port Charles vixen had her eyes set on the handsome hacker; Georgie Jones. Jason told Spinelli that Georgie was in love with him; but when he went looking for her to discuss the revelation he got more than he bargained for. Spinelli found Georgie’s body in the park, a victim of the Text Message Killer.

The death of Georgie not only affected Spinelli, but it affected the life of Georgie’s sister Maxie as well. Maxie was devastated at the death of her sister and even more traumatized when her boyfriend Coop died, of an apparent suicide. Maxie was not convinced that Coop would take his own life so she enlisted the help of Spinelli to get to the bottom of the deaths of both Coop and Georgie.

That was the beginning of “Spixie”, the super couple that took soap fans by storm. It seemed like an impossible pairing. Maxie was loud, boisterous, and promiscuous. Spinelli was shy, sweet, and naïve. Somehow, they managed to make us fall in love with the idea of them while keeping us on pins and needles waiting for the next kiss or cute Spixie love scene.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, we were finally treated to Spinelli and Maxie’s “first time” together. It was a beautiful moment in soap history; a moment that was almost ruined by Maxie’s insecurities. Shortly after making love for the first time, Spinelli saved Maxie’s life by pushing her out of the way of a speeding car. As a result, Spinelli himself was hit by the car and seriously injured. Maxie stayed by his side while she slowly realized that she was, in fact, truly in love with Spinelli.

While Spin and Maxie were slowly building their relationship, Lulu became embroiled in a relationship with the Dark Knight, Johnny Zaccara. Johnny was just your average mobster gone good. Eventually, Johnny and Maxie were forced to spend time together for work related reasons and even for some illegal non-work related schemes. As much as they tried to fight it, Maxie and Johnny could not fight their attraction for one another.

After a few stolen kisses and a few love making near misses, Maxie and Johnny were finally busted in a lip lock by Spinelli himself! Spinelli began to look at the big picture and it dawned on him that maybe he and Maxie weren’t meant to be after all. The confused couple went their separate ways, but they didn’t stray far from each other’s orbits, where they remain in limbo today.

Spinelli and Maxie are now working on rebuilding their broken relationship although there’s no way to know if Maxie’s scheming or Spinelli’s ability to let her walk all over him will be the cause of the final demise of the phenomenon known as “Spixie”.

Update: Spinelli and Maxie are having some sexual issues right now. Don’t worry they will shag this week!