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June 2010 Jackass of the Month: J.T. Hellstrom

Little reason needs to be given why Y&R’s J.T. Hellstrom has earned the esteemed title of Jackass of the Month. In the past year, J.T. has been on a mission to prove that the Newmans, especially Victoria, are the most horrible people on earth. Little does he know that his actions prove that J.T. is more like Victor everyday! I am not saying that J.T. doesn’t have the right to be angry over Victoria’s discretions, but keeping her son from her while schmoozing with Mac is too much!

Jackass of the Month: Y&R’s Jack Abbott

Patty tricked Jack when she came back to Genoa City as Mary Jane on Y&R. She tricked him again by drugging Emily and breaking bad on a bottle of peroxide and becoming Jack’s wife. For months Patty has been living as Emily while Emily rots away at the sanitarium. Jack Abbott is our Jackass of the Month because he slept with Patty, he slept with Patty as Mary Jane, and he slept with Patty as Emily. Any other man could tell what was up, even on soaps. It makes me wonder if he has any feeling down there at all….

April’s Jackass of the Month: Schuyler Joplin

OLTL’s Schuyler Joplin has been plagued since he came to Llanview. First he got mixed up with the teen drama queen Starr and lost his job. He let Stacy pull him head first into the Morasco Fiasco. He let Kim string him along and let Gigi use him as a consolation prize. Now, we find out that Schuyler is Mitch’s son, and that he too can be an ass. Gigi dumped Sky on his ass and Sierra Rose isn’t his daughter. The boy has lost his damn mind and taken Gigi hostage by gun point, and for that, Schuyler is our Jackass of the Month.