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One Life to Live: Stacy is Knocked Up!

I do not have actual confirmation of this yet; however, every online soap site and soap magazines are dropping hints and all signs point to yes!

1. Stacy is supposed to get “great” and “surprising” news.

2. Stacy is supposed to drop a “bombshell” on Rex and Gigi.

My experience with soaps tells me that this is the almost-confirmation that Rex and Gigi’s troubles are far from over. All we need now is for Stacy the Skank to really be impregnated by some type half alien/smarmy pimp mutation. Gross.


Spoiler Alert! OLTL

Most of these spoilers were provided by Daytime Confidential, but if you don’t get a chance to visit there first, here you go:

Obviously, Rex and Gigi have cooked up a scheme that involves telling Shane the truth in order to expose Stacy Operation Bust-a-Skank will officially begin and Shane will be filled in. Gigi will once again ask Rex if he did the nasty with Stacy, which he will vehemenently deny. If Rex wasn’t so damn hot, I would veto for him for stupidity. When the plan works and Stacy busts out the blood, Rex will make a grab for it as well. I can only imagine what will happen then. I think that Stacy is cooking up a Rex-baby bomb to drop on Gigi and Rex that may split them up forever. Roxy and Stacy will get into it again. I hope Roxy slaps the ish out of Stacy. Someone needs to.

I said last week that Markko would choose Langston over home life. His parents will give him the boot as a result. Does that mean he will be moving into Dorian’s mansion?

Cole will leave for his undercover sting, but not before grabbing a quick undercover booty call from Starr.

Todd and Blair will fight and have sex, all of which will be seen by Tea. I am afraid for those who will be around for that.

Jessica will see Hope for the first time since the last Jess/Bess/Tess/Lochness debacle.

John wants to be with Marty. Marty wants to be with John. What the hell is the problem?

Can Rachel and Shaun kill already damnit!?

Faces of Shaun Evans

He’s chunky, he’s kind of clumsly, he relies on his little sister for dating advice. He is Shaun Evans, the local bodyguard and strong arm of Llanview. Shaun has been on the show for a while now, although he was mostly in scenes with his little sister Destiny. Now that Rachel has come back into town, Shaun has a whole new personality. He is obviously the shy type, and I can see that he is respectful and sweet.

What I notice about Shaun the most are his facial expressions, which come is a wide variety. I love the way he smiles at Rachel when he is saying something cheezy. He tends to roll his eyes a lot while Destiny is around and I can also see when he is serious about work.

Enter Dr. Greg Evans, Shaun’s older brother. He is tall, lean and handsome and a giant asshole. So far, Rachel cannot stand him and her involvement with Shaun is getting more serious. We all know about badboyitis and some of us women just can’t be with a good guy. No offense to them, but that’s just the way it is. I hope Rachel isn’t that kind of women, but this is a soap.

On a recent episode, Rachel took Schyler out for dinner to celebrate his new job. I almost spewed coffee from my nostrils when Shaun’s head did a complete 180 and he started to growl. Ok. He didn’t growl, but I know he wanted to.

So here is the question….Who do you like better when you really think about it: Shaun or his brother Greg?

I want to hear your opinions! Please drop me a note and tell me what you think.

McPain Crashes the Teenage Wedding

So yesterday’s episode started off with exchanging of vows between Cole and Starr. The minister was half way through saying this: I now pronounce you man and ….Suddenly, Addie said loudly “John McBain”! That in its self was amusing. McPain had the “look” that means business and announced to alll that Cole wouldn’t be going to prison after all, but instead get some community service. Everyone was pleased. McPain remained stone cold.

Everyone continued to rejoice until Marty Skankbrook thanked him. McPain told Skankbrook that she might not say all that when she hears the conditions. He filled her in on Cole being a snitch for the cops. I can’t say for sure, but I believe the decision was made that he would do so. Todd announced that the wedding was cancelled now that Cole wasn’t going to prison. Cole turned to Starr and told her he loved her and still wanted to marry her. Starr responded that she couldn’t marry him. Gah!

Shaun and Destiny met up with Dr. Smooth and he gave Destiny a brand new cell phone. This pissed Shaun off. Then the Smooth One declared that he was paying for everything and that he was going to cure Destiny’s “little boyfriend”. This also pissed Shaun off. Destiny ran off to play with the new phone and the brothers argued. There is some deep ish between these dudes. Can’t wait it for it to get deeper. Enter Rachel!

Matthew was enduring some serious physical thereapy and questioning why he has to do it if Dr. Smooth is going to fix him. Bo and Nora shared a few uncomfortable glances before Bo fed Matthew some b.s. about just in case….Back at the restaurant, Dr. Smooth received a call regarding Matthew. No idea what it was about, specifically, but the smooth one had a smile on his face and later met up with Bora and Matthew to discuss.

Dorian is in “good witch” mode and she really wants her dinner party to be a success. I predict that it will not be, and I think if you have been watching this show for a while you do to! However, through all her antics, I love how she supports the relationship of Langston and Markko. I once laughed at these two, but now, I think Markko’s parents need to cut the cord!

Clint went to Viki’s yesterday. He blah blah blahed about how much he loves Nora and how much she loves him. Viki could see right through his ass and let him know in no uncertain terms that he just wants to marry Nora so he can finally beat Bo at something. Dayum! That’s hard core!

Schyler went to visit Rachel yesterday just to talk. The two bonded over his growing affections for Gigi and her unsure feelings about Shaun. Rachel is obviously playing hard to get with Dr. Smooth and I predict my big teddy bear Shaun will be left out in Dorian’s pool. Shaun’s feelings for Rachel or no secret, we know this. We had further confirmation when Rachel showed up at the restaurant with Schyler. According to the look on Shaun’s face, Schyler better run.

Rex continues to feel guilty about sleeping with Stacy the Skank. However, he keeps sitting on the info like he thinks Gigi is going to go all preying mantis on his ass. Rex devised a new plan in which Shane will pretend to have a relapse so that Stacy will be forced to look for the blood to continue her cover up. No love making due to MJ’s memorial. But today we should get what we want!

The Reality of Probation Violation OLTL

I know I have written a few articles about how some storylines should include a little more reality when comes to certain facts and such. I feel as if I must applaud One Life to Live for actually telling a story with a modicum of realism on the topic of discussion, whether discussing, plotting, or fighting.

I was a bailiff a few years ago, and a Probation Violation is no joke. I think we all know that when one commits what is considered to be a minor crime, one gets sentenced, one gets time suspended and placed on probation. When one violates that probation, for whatever reason, he or she is given his or full back time, which is the original sentence of actual time in jail. That is the way it is suppose to happen anyway.

In Soap World, we are forced to sit through murders, frauds, baby stealers, and psychos either getting off completely or someone with ulterior motives gets them off with a magic wand or pixie dust or something. I thought the same thing was going to happen to Cole when he got busted with pills he had no business having in his possession.

The story goes a little something like this:

Cole went to the docks to “clear his head”. There, he ran into Asher who tried to sell him some pills. When Cole rejected the drugs, Asher stuffed them into Cole’s pocket. Moments later, Cole had the pills in hand and was about to throw them in the river when the police showed up and saw the pills in Cole’s hand. Busted!

All during the drug debacle, Starr was getting Hope back for good. Starr desperately searched for Cole to give him the good news. He was not reachable. Why? He was facing the judge in his probation violation hearing. The judge slammed Cole with 5 years. Just then Nora stood up and I thought the whole realism thing had flown out of the window!

I was not disappointed after all. I want to make it clear that in the last few months, I have fallen in love with Cole as well as his portrayer, Brandon Buddy; although he is not the main focus of this article. The judge returned from a private conversation with Nora in chambers and reduced Cole’s sentence to 2 years in prison.

He was devastated and upon being allowed to have a few days to “get his affairs in order”, ran to Starr and got the good news while he broke the bad news to Starr. Without the high dosage of promos we are constantly privy to, we would have all been shocked when Cole dropped to one knee and proposed to Starr. By the way, no judge in his right mind would give a violator any days to get even his underwear together. They would just take and go….

I was really enjoying the reality of the storyline, until recently, when Marty the good doctor showed up at McPain’s bar and asked him to help her and Cole escape Llanview with Hope. McPain almost looked like he would accept her offer. I am scared of it!

UPDATE: The storyline went back to old school. Cole will go undercover to bust Asher and get community service. That would never happen in real life. And McPain just can’t run the damn show all of the damn time!