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Gigi’s B&B & GH Predictions

I want to make it clear that these are just my personal opinions and do not mean that any of the crap posted here will come true. I think it will though, so keep reading!


Fact: Brooke is “moving” to Paris.

Prediction: After telling Ridge that she is leaving to work for the Paris FC offices, Brooke will tell Ridge her final goodbyes and head for the airport. Ridge will decide that he can’t live without his precious Logan and he will chase her down, making an ass out of himself. It is possible that Ridge could make it all the way to Paris to claim Brooke as his. Ridge and Brooke live happily ever after while a brokenhearted Taylor has a serious love affair with a bottle of Absolut, or two.


Fact: Andrea will poison Edward, causing him to have a heart attack while driving.

Prediction: As we have all seen from the limited carnival footage, a car drives straight through the carnival. Obviously, we can all predict that Edward will be the driver of that car. I think that both Carly and Kristina’s predictions from the fortune teller show us that Morgan may be the one to meet his master at the hands of Edward (inadvertently).

Fact: Luke is locked up in Helena’s secret lair.

Prediction: As many of you have, I have heard that there is someone trapped in the lair with Luke. I predict it will be a very much alive Emily Quartermaine. However, when I presented this theory to my GH girls on Twitter, many stated that it was even more possible that Rebecca was actually Emily after all. Interesting….Wouldn’t it be great storyline if Nikolas killed Rebecca in his ultimate plan for revenge, only to find out that he had really killed the love his life, Emily? Hmmmm…..

If you have any theories you would like to share with us, please feel free to leave us a comment. We love to hear what other fans think!

Skank Of The Month Award/August/2009


Each month at the 411, we will be posting a little gem entitled Skank of the Month Award. The title pretty much explains it all. We will choose the skankiest, most desperate, and most irritating skank from any one of our favorite shows, no exemptions! Of course, we want to hear from you as well. Who grated your damn nerves the most this most? We would like to know your opinions throughout the month of September so that the award truly goes to the deserving skank. Without further ado, our choice for skank of the month for August, 2009 is:



Stacy Morasco! Stacy has earned this award over no other as she manipulated, schemed, seduced, lied, stole her way into the pants of Rex Balsam. The problem is, Stacy never got what she was really after, which was Rex’s love and affections. What she did succeed in, however, is burning every bridge she had left in Llanview. The girl doesn’t have a friend, or a sister, to speak of.

Last week Stacy stabbed her sister Gigi in the back one more time with the explosive announcement that she was pregnant with baby-Stax. Gigi and Rex were both devastated, although Rex continued to let Stacy manipulate him by using “his baby” as leverage to get her way. Meanwhile, Rex is busy trying to stake his claim on Gigi as Schyler continues to be her go-to guy.

Stacy lost the baby on Wed. and now we should all brace ourselves for a long drawn out baby drama debacle. This will result in friction between Rex and Gigi, Gigi and Stacy, and Rex and Schyler. Stacy is obviously plotting and scheming to pretend as if she is still pregnant, and Rex will continue to fall for her b.s.

We salute you, Stacy Morasco, as our very first Skank of the Month!

Shemar Moore Breaks A Leg. Literally!

News was spreading on Twitter like wild fire that Shemar Moore had been hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. After further investigation, I discovered that this announcement was true. However, hottie fans, never fear! Shemar is okay, albeit suffering from a broken leg. Hopefully, this will not interfere with his alleged upcoming three day stint as Lily’s dad Malcolm on Young and the Restless. She does need him now more than ever, after all; broken leg or not!shemar1

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