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Each month the 411 chooses the one chick on daytime that acted, well, the skankiest.

Skank of the Month: Nicole DiMera


Our November Skank of the Month award goes to Nicole Dimera (Days) for many reasons. Nicole lies, cheats, and manipulates her way in and out of situations on a regular basis. Recently, Nicole’s actions are coming back to haunt her and she is losing everything all over again. With each scheme she pulls off, Nicole gets more sadistic and evil. Last week, she broke bad and went all cougar on Chad in yet another attempt to cover her duplicities. And to think Nicole used to be our favorite. Yes, we too remember the good old days of the Eric and Brady love triangle.

Skank of the Month: Elizabeth Webber


They say it’s the quiet ones that are the most evil and sadistic and Nikolas Cassadine is a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode. By his side (secretly) is the sweet and sugary Elizabeth, with whom he has been carrying on an uber scandalous affair. Hot sex should never be an issue on soaps, right? So why do we feel so guilty for Elizabeth’s tryst with Nikolas? The obvious reason is that Liz is married to Nikolas’ brother Lucky. The not so obvious reason that this is Elizabeth’s MO throughout her life in Port Charles. While Liz as at home playing house with Lucky, she is really thinking about her next hot session with Dr. Evil Cassadine. Liz has a bad habit of cheating on her men and somehow being labeled a martyr because of it. Why? Beats the hell out of us. What we do know is that Elizabeth is our Skank of the Month because she is messing with Lucky’s emotions once again. The sad part? Nikolas is most likely going to drop Liz like he drops all the rest.

Skank Of the Month: Steffy Forrester

We here at the 411 have a meeting of sorts every first of the month to discuss what we should feature, yada, yada, yada…It occurred to us that it is time to honor a new trashy soap skank. This October, we honor Steffy Forrester from Bold and the Beautiful. Steffy pretends to be the good girl, but what she continues to prove is that she is more like her stepmother than she may think. Currently, Steffy is chasing after a married man (Owen) who is married to a much older, and richer, woman (Jackie). It is actually quite sad to see Steffy don her skank gear to WORK and poke her annoying ass nose in other people’s business. Surely Steffy has other things to do? Just like the skanks before, Steffy Forrester will most likely continue to become trashier and skankier as she continues on her path to personal destruction! We honor you Steffy the Skank!

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