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All the soap spoilers you need right here!

Guiding Light Spoilers GL

I only have a few little tidbits for you, but a few are better than none:

Phillip, Alan, and James will all on a family guy trip and James will ditch the “old guys”. That should be pretty funny.

Remy and Cyrus will get their asses arrested. Cyrus will be bailed out by Buzz.

Dinah will tell Mallet the truth about his wife. Somehow, I don’t think it will actually be the truth.

As Reva deals with the loss of Jeffery, it will start to look as if she is guilty of Edmund’s murder herself.

ATWT Spoilers!

A lot of good stuff coming up next week and in the near future. I will make it snappy so here we go:

Meg will give Paul another chance now that the microchip has been removed, but I am sure she will rethink her decision when it is revealed that James Stenbeck is alive. AGAIN.

Bonnie will fight for Dusty in the courtroom. Will she ever get him in her bedroom?

Of course, Mason is gay and his boyfriend will just happend to break up with him. As Luke and Noah both get busy, they will start to drift apart. Noah and Mason will get closer.

Sage will run away and Craig and Rosanna will go off together in search of her. This does not bode well for Carly.

Henry’s Geneva storyline will finally come to a close. Thank God. After he is exposed, Vienna will be really pissed off. Um. Duh!

Casey and Riley will hate each other more as time goes on.

Damian and Lilly will feel some of that old flame….Yay!

Something will happen in the Snyder family, apparently another tragedy. Janet’s sister Teri will be coming to Oakdale just in time for Liberty and Parker Part II. Yes friends. I think it’s coming.

Finally, I guess the PTB are going to try the mob plot in Oakdale. It will either work, or it won’t. Guess we will have to see.

OLTL Spoilers!

logo_oltlJohn and Blair finally say good-bye and move on.

Stacey threatens to dispose of the bag of blood unless Rex sleeps with her again. Because Rex will do anything for Shane, he agrees but informs Stacey that he’ll hate every minute of it. She gives him the blood anyway….

Destiny will fight with Matthew on the subject of his surgery and will suggest that he gets some help from Tea

Bo and Nora are hit with a lawsuit—from Matthew!

Rex demands answers from Roxy and asks about his father once again—-you know I think its Spencer Truman!

Cristian will learn more about Fish and Kyle after reading a letter Fish wrote to Kyle!

Starr and Cole will make love—its about time!

Shaun will get the wrong idea about Rachel and Greg–or will he?

Blair and Tea go at it—I smell a catfight!

Stacey and Gigi will fight and Stacey will fall down the stairs–and VOILA! Find out she’s pregnant!

Todd asks Marty to be his shrink–he clearly is crazy!

There is anticipated first kiss coming up! Who could it be? Destiny and Matthew? Shaun and Rachel? Greg and Rachel? Fish and Kyle? Cristian and Layla? The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Be sure to tune into OLTL weekdays on ABC or weeknights on Soapnet! and remember, you only have One Life To Live!!!

Port Charles Preview GH

ghI know it is just as hard for you to get through the weekend without any soap news at all, so here are some spoilers to tide you over until Monday:

Looks like Dr. Lee may change the results of the DNA test, making Sonny the father of Claudia’s baby. We all know that a traumatic accident will occur that will affect everyone. I suspect that Claudia will lose her baby, regardless of who the daddy is.

Sonny won’t be over to fight his feelings for Olivia. I have to wonder how he will feel about her once he wins her.

Sam will become suspicious of Kristina. Seriously. You can’t kid a kidder. Kristina will cause some drama that will affect Alexis’ future as a lawyer. Look for more of Kristina’s punk boyfriend Keifer, because he will be all wrapped up in the car accident storyline.

Carly will also be in baby danger as an after effect of the accident.

Think Luke is on vacation? Think again! Helena is holding him hostage in some underground prison somewhere. There is somebody down there with him….Could it be Emily?

It would appear as if Mercedes may be tied to Brianna’s murder somehow. Maybe she is getting a real storyline after all!

I guess the PTB are going to try to shove this Liz/Nik thing down our throats one more time. Ew.

Ethan may change his mind about screwing over the Qs, but I doubt it!

An Alcazar is coming to Port Charles. Isn’t one of them DEAD?

Y&R Spoilers!

y&rAs usual, I am sitting here half in a coma because I am tired. However, I feel it is my duty to enlighten you on what’s coming up in Genoa City next week. So, here we go:

A more sober Colleen will visit Lily and Lily will express her desire to have Cane by her side. Colleen will make it her mission to go look for Cane, and she will ask Billy and Mac for help. Mac always wants to help, but Billy will say hell no.

Lily will officially be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Of course, there will be a miracle surgery that will leave Lily unable to have kids if she goes through with it. She will resist the surgery.

Cane will be almost gone will Mac will find him. She will tell him what’s up with Lily but his pity for himself will keep him away.

Mac will keep Cane informed and Billy will get the wrong idea, making the situation worse for both Lily and Cane.

Billy will give Phillip III the business for the hurt and pain that he has caused to the whole family.

Looks like Chloe will be lonely no more! Chance and Chloe will immediately like eachother, which I personally like already!

Adam and Mary Jane will break up. Adam and Rafe will break up. Victor will get the hint from Dr. Taylor and choose to put Adam in a halfway house, but he will use Mary Jane’s crazy ass to make himself look like a hero and Victor will let him stay.

Jill will re-write her will…..don’t know why….she doesn’t have any money…