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We Heart Your Feedback/The Shopper

Gina and I love talking about and blogging about our favorite soaps but we also love creating our own stories. We are currently working on an original story that we would like to share with all of you. We would love any feedback, positive or negative, that you have to offer. We are excited to share our creativity and our love of storytelling with all of you and hope that you enjoy what we have to offer.


She swore to herself that she would never let get it this far. Kristina reached deep within to the only sanity she had left and tried to pull herself together. As if she was waking up out of a fog, Kristina threw the gear shift of the Thornton’s ’09 Lexus into reverse and backed out of the driveway, swerving out onto the road. She had no idea where she was going, only that she knew she had to get the hell out of this town before Brock found her, or the cops found the bodies. While leaving the Horton home, Kristina made sure her presence had gone unseen. It was 2:34 a.m. on a Tuesday evening in Hollywood. Kristina knew no one would ever notice her at all.

Kristina had no intentions of hurting Liz and even thought to herself that if she had been capable of loving another human being, Liz Thornton would have been the closest thing to a soul mate for her. Liz was married and Jim found out, but this was no ordinary love triangle gone bad. This was Kristina’s destiny and Liz and Jim had simply gotten in her way. As she drove away from Hollywood, Kristina’s mind was far from the reality of apprehension from the police or even the consequences she would face if her long time lover Brock were to find her. No, Kristina’s mind was swirling with thoughts and she reached over to find her purse. Her fingers grasped around the gun and to her, it still felt warm to the touch. As Kristina’s finger slid into the trigger slot, it was as if her mind went to another time, only six years ago when she had moved to California.

Kristina had come to California like so many other teens, looking to somehow become the next big thing. What Kristina had become, over time, was a high priced hooker and a first class con artist. How she had come to be that way was of little to no importance. The skills Kristina had acquired are what mattered and what had carried her into her adult life. Kristina had been heavy as a child. After stripping for a while, the weight melted off. Eventually she was able to transform herself through cheap black market plastic surgery. Then she met Brock Montgomery.

Although Kristina had been able to transform her outside, Brock had been the one to change her on the inside. He changed the way she saw the world and taught her that she was smarter than any man or woman who tried to get in her way. Brock trained her to be any given person, play any different role, at any different time. His methods of trickery came in a wide variety and eventually Kristina was skilled in the art of fake identification and paper trail that would take a significant amount of digging to uncover. Kristina became a new woman, and with her new tricks of the trade she was able to con her way into one of the finest universities in the country.

Kristina graduated with a Masters in business science and was able to land a job as fashion editor for a fashion magazine. Kristina’s mind was like a sponge, and she learned as much as she could about the fashion world from sewing to Gucci and Michael Kors. She soaked in the lingo of the fashion business and ingratiated herself into groups that were high in social status and clout. Eventually, Kristina was offered a higher promotion and Brock made her quit the magazine all together. Her lover’s jealousy had been just another reason why all of this had gone wrong.

Kristina was brought back to the present by a honking horn. The noise had startled her and she impulsively flipped the woman off in the other car. The other woman apparently wanted the road rage to continue and screamed some obscenities from her car with the window still rolled up. On another day that would have been amusing to Kristina, but tonight she didn’t give a damn. It had been an hour since she had left the Thornton’s laying in their beds swimming in a mix of their own blood. Kristina suddenly wished she had cleaned up a bit more, but she had panicke.

It was time to ditch the Thornton’s Lexus and Kristina silently thanked Brock once again for giving her the skills to get another car without being noticed. She scoped the city, looking for run down bars and taverns and eventually found one that was both easy to steal and was suitable to her liking. Kristina’s diva complex shined through. Even after committing murder, she felt the need to escape in style. The cops would find the Lexus parked at the dive bar and then she would be a wanted fugitive. Even knowing this didn’t scare Kristina as much as knowing that Brock would probably find her before the cops do.