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Spoiler Alert! Y&R

The Phillip is gay news will remain a secret for a hot second but thanks to Nosy Nina, everyone will find out. No one is really going to give a hoo about Phillip being gay, but everyone involved will still be pissed because of the way he left and the pain he caused by doing so. Phillip, cocky as usual, will announce that their hen pecking is the reason why he pulled the hoax in the first place.

Cane will tell everyone that he is going to bounce out of Genoa City, but we all know he won’t. I don’t think it’s in the script.

Phillip IV will come home in the middle of this conversation. Since he has never been told that his father was alive, I am sure he will be stunned to learn that his dad is sitting right there.

Nick will leave Sharon again due to Summer’s recent peanut debacle and go on back to Big Red. Sharon will slink on back to Jack to raise the maybe-baby with him.

Mary Jane will strike again, this time against Sharon. Victor’s wallet will be found in her hotel room, at will appear as if Sharon has resorted to her old klepto ways. What a cluster-*bleep*!

Dr. Taylor will scam Ashley with a fake sonogram somehow. Ashley will continue to believe her baby is dead while everyone else will continue to believe that she is a schizophrenic.

Some guy named Chance is coming. I already forgot who, but what I do know is that he will be making out with Chloe in our very near future.

Lily’s cancer diagnosis is coming up. Lot’s of controversy over a possible Malcolm return. I need me some Malcolm. I watch the hell out of Criminal Minds, but I don’t ever get enough. I think Shemar is so cool, he will do some guest spots. I also think Victoria Rowell will appear as well. I predict it will be in some ghostly form. If she walked into Genoa City, everyone there would say, “Lily who?”!

Deacon will force Amber to have sex with him in order to keep Daniel out of the slammer. My wish, apparently, is Y&R’s command.

Oh the Foreshadowing

Repitition is sometimes necessary on soaps. I understand that. I was amused today when Sharon pulled a Chloe and started a conversation with her unborn baby. Sharon talked about Jack and her guilt, and she talked about Nick and had flashbacks about her guilt. Ultimately, she told the baby that its for the best.

As much as I despise Ashley when she is forced to be stupid, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her when she mentioned that she just doesn’t feel the baby kick like she used to. Jack was visiting and she told him the same thing while Adam lurked on the stairs. While Ashley and Jack discussed the fact that their babies were born on the same day, Adam’s creepy ass was still lurking. So. Here’s my prediction. Adam and Mary Jane team up to steal Sharon’s baby and pass if off as Ashley’s. I don’t know how. I don’t know where. I just know it in my heart. Anyone else get that distinct feeling?

Adam can’t help put to rudely say some stupid crap everytime he walks in the room. Today was no different when he walked in and insulted Jack. Ashley got up and left and Jack and Adam argued and threatened eachother for about 5 minutes. Later, Ashley bonded with Adam over everything. She has a thing for losers. In the meantime, Victor and Mary Jane argued. Well, really, Mary Jane argued when Victor wasn’t ordering her around. He told her to leave town and never come back.

Mary Jane packed her stuff and went running for Jack to tell him she was leaving. When she found him, Mary Jane informed Jack that he was the love of her life. Jack looked horrified. They had the whole “we talked about this” conversation and Mary Jane whined about being used. Jack was an ass, not like any other man wouldn’t have done the same, but that scary chick is psycho and Jack has no idea! At the end of the episode, she was breaking into the garden of Mustache Manor. Previews for tomorrow show the actual pairing of Mary Jane and Adam.

At some random and dark office, a guy behind a chair ordered a hit on Daniel. Amber continues to be worried about her past coming back to haunt her. It turns out that Deacon was behind the chair.

Kevin the silver chipmunk actually has groupies and Jana is cool with it. I like that.

Oh. Deacon may not seem hot at first to everyone, although Sean Kanan has a scary amount of fans anyway, watch him one sex scene with Amber….ah, bliss.

Am I as Blind as Adam?

I must be, because I totally did NOT blog about the coolest stuff that happened on yesterdays Y&R! Here’s what I left out:

1. When I said Big Red and Sharon were bonding, they were really bonding. Sharon made sense for the first time in years. I cried tears when Phyllis asked her to sing to Summer and Sharon agreed. I cried harder when Sharon was actually singing, and the camera panned to Phyllis clinging to the window singing with her. What a *bleeping* moment! This scene, however, did leave me wondering what Nick was thinking….

2. As if she knew she would be performing, Sharon was literally dressed like Disco Barbie.

3. Mary Jane plans on taking out Sharon. I have a prediction. Picture this….Noah made a big deal out of telling Daniel how mad he is that his parents won’t let him see Eden. I suspect that will suddenly change, and Eden will become insta-welcome into the fold. When Mary Jane strikes revenge, Sharon, Noah and Eden will all be at the coffee house. MJ will come through and do something evil, and Eden will become the victim of a fatality. If you think about it, if someone has to die, it should be Eden. They don’t write for her anyway.

4. Mary Jane went to her room in search of her kitty and she was having a really hard time finding him. It took her, oh, about five minutes to discover Victor, who had discovered Mary Jane’s “I hate the world” poster she has been putting together for a while. Not much happened

5. I need to correct a statement I made in the 7/8 entry. I don’t know what I thought I saw, but upon seeing it again, I can assure you that Damrafe was in no way on the floor when Nikki busted in.

Is Anyone Else Sick of that Damn Cat?

We started off today’s show with more Newman Family bonding over Summer’s comatose body…Anyway, I enjoy any kind of Victor and Nikki bonding, so that was awesome. We had some Phick bonding as well.
Yada, yada, yada! Sharon showed up, causing Phyllis to become clingy and desperate. Obviously, this dissapoints. However, considering the circumstances, my ass would have been clingy and desperate too. Phyllis took off, unable to deal with Sharon’s presence. Sharon followed her to the chapel, which was highly uncomfortable for Nick. The ladies bonded. It was sweet. I hope Phyllis eats Sharon’s head on tomorrow’s show. Then we will know that all is right with the world. While the ladies were in the coolest place in Genoa City these days, Nick and Victor bonded over Sabrina. And the relevance is? Nick went off to sniff down something and Victor was left free…but…..

Rafe twirled through the room in a fairy suit and a briefcase and confronted Victor. Noooo. I am just kidding! He did talk to Victor as the hospital, who was curious as to what is “going on” with Adam lately. Rafe didn’t let him in on any secrets. He did the next best thing, and went to find out what was going on under the guise of a second booty call.

While all this random hospital crap was going on, Adam was in his room practicing more conversations. These truly are my favorite moments. That is a lie. Adam lurking on any stair he can find is what has my ass laughing everytime. The rest of the Damrafe scenes were of Adam trying to convince Rafe that what happened between them was a mistake. Rafe basically told him Nevertheless, the duo ended up on the floor and Nikki walked in and screamed: “Oh my God!!! My eyes! My eyes! Oh god….I’m meltinggggggg.” Ok. That didn’t happen either. She did catch them in a funky ass position either way!

Later, Sharon and Nick hooked up with Noah for lunch. Noah informed his parents that we wanted his freedom via emancipation. Nick laughed him right of the hospital cafeteria. Noah and Daniel then visited Summer and we were privy to Daniel actually giving someone relative and wanted advice for a change. Amber cried about the past. Translation: Deacon is coming! Deacon is coming! I love foreshadowing.

Finally, we had our local GC pyscho, Mary Jane, lurking around the hospital to hurt someone. Victor stopped her and told her to get her ass out of town. Just when I thought Mary Jane was going to stand up to him, she jumped in his arms at the hospital for all the world to see and cried as loud as she possibly could. I know the lady is unraveling and all, but I am going to need for her to do it just a little bit faster.

The dead stuffed cat was great and all, but is anyone else feeling it repetitive and Passions like? Gah!

Heather Had it Coming to Her!

Almost all soaps were pre-empted due to Michael Jackson’s memorial service. (RIP) Ok. Enough about that. Anyway, Y&R was on SoapNet and YouTube today, so all is not lost!

Much Phick action to talk about today. Of course, Michael is representing Phyllis in her newest debacle over Summer. Heather showed up and talked to Phyllis like she was damn child. Phyllis got tired of her bull shit and slapped the hell out of her. Dayum! I want to do it myself! I say we all take virtual turns whipping her ass. Michael really yelled at Phyllis like she was four, but Nick was quick to jump to her defense. Then we got a Phick embrace. No kiss, but here’s hoping!

Phillip is killing me. It was all about him 20 years ago, apparently it is all about him now as well. Oh, and he still looks drunk. He is NOT an attractive man. But, you know how it goes. Still have to love the old school! Nina screamed some more. I mean, I know I would be mad, but screaming literally gets you nowhere. I learned that lesson a long time ago. That screaming might just be the reason he faked his own death and hid from her for 20 years. Who’s gay I say?!

Lily cried and yelled at Cane. She went over their place to get some of her stuff. She cried and yelled some more. Lily then told Cane she was ready to bounce, and he actually grabbed her up to try to stop her from doing so. Neil the Hypocrite came storming in and threw Cane across the room. I admit that I am mad at Neil over the whole Karen and Tyra crap; however, he is well on his way to redemption.

I am upset that there was no Billy on for me to stare at. Cane, however, was a very nice consolation prize, as usual!

That is about all I have for today! Until I blog again, same bitch time….same bitch chanell