Days Spoilers: Week Of November 9, 2009


Monday, November 9th
Nicole confesses everything to Stefano; Brady and Arianna have another painful parting; Vivian finds out that Carly is in jail; Bo confronts Justin and Hope; Chloe gets upsetting news.

Tuesday, November 10th
Rafe gets proof that Sydney is Sami’s child; Nicole runs into Mia; E.J. tries to figure out what Stefano is up to; Justin devises a plan to get Carly out of jail temporarily.

Wednesday, November 11th
Chloe ends up taking care of Sydney when Mary has a family emergency; Sami demands information from Nicole; Melanie interrupts a warm moment between Nathan and Stephanie.

Thursday, November 12
Sami has a difficult time processing Rafe’s news; Nicole searches for Sydney; Bo and Hope have an honest talk.

Friday, November 13th
Hope admits she is jealous of Carly; Nicole asks Chloe to hide Sydney; Sami and Rafe search for Nicole.

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