General Hospital: Its “LuDa” crous!

This week is a big week for Lulu and Dante, or LuDa as I like to call them, on General Hospital. This is the week that LuDa fans have been waiting for, the couple will finally “make love” for the first time!  I’m excited, because seriously, its about time. But there are some conversations that need to be had between these two.

After being called a ‘selfish bitch’ by her beloved cousin Carly, Lulu is probably feeling like she is the size of a bug that has been squashed and is stuck to the bottom of Carly’s heel. So this makes her very vulnerable. Of course, Dante is struggling with his recent decision to throw his little brother Michael under the bus, making him as vulnerable and needy as ever. It makes perfect sense that the two would throw themselves at each other to ease the pain.

I, however, forsee more pain in their future. Michael may end up in prison causing Dante to feel horrible, and Lulu is keeping some things from Dante that may make him feel worse. She needs to tell him about her abortion as it has already been touched upon. This could be a deal breaker for Dante, OR, it could make him want to be closer to her.

She may also want to tell him about her own self-defense/murder cover up rediculousness. Killing Logan sent her over the edge and Dante needs to be in the know for future reference, because I’m sure she’ll be sent over the edge again at some point.

It seems ludicrous to me that these two things haven’t been discussed between a couple that is about to have sex for the first time. When in a relationship, don’t you share these types of things? But wait, this is the land of Soaps!

Be sure to tune in to General Hospital weekdays on ABC to find out what happens to LuDa!

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