GH May Sweeps Preview

Courtesy of SID:

Dante risks it all!
Dante’s action really affect Sonny profoundly. Guza says “How much bad can be done by trying to do the right thing?” Dante believes he’s doing what is best for his Michael & his other siblings by removing them from the path of their daddy. But Dante is jeopardizing everything!

Expect lulu’s relationship with Carly to take a hit when Lulu dares to not defend Sonny, but stands by Dante because apparently that is “hurting Carly’s family” And apparently that is not something anyone is suppposed to do, Carly doesn’t take that lightly.

What about Carly’s marriage?
Apparently it’s not okay to mess with Carly when it comes to her children.
And that is what Jax did according to Carly and there will be ‘major repercussions for CarJax.

New Michael.
He was up for Michael the 1st time. Guza lsays the reason for the switch is “a new character direction, and that we felt we needed to refocus the actors” Chad talks about the adjustment & being overwhelmed.

Will Franco kill?
Guza talks about unfinished business b/t Jason & Franco. “When Jason kills, Franco will kill another” Talks about what this does to Jason’s character & how it’s a great story possibility.
Guza said he spoke to Franco last week, but he’s at the Yale PhD. program now. But the writer plays coy & says “if we are mentioning in conversation, there’s a reason”

Skye’s got a secret!
Apparently Skye being around deepens Luke & Tracy’s relationships. Guza says Skye’s being back is less about Luke & Jax and more about Alcazar.

Nik vs. Lucky
Helena wants a Cassidine/Spencer fued. And is gonna use Liz’s baby to do that. And apparently the plan is for Nik & lucky to go after each other, and have Nik kill Lucky.

Lucky’s been burned by Liz…..he put his faith in her…..but will he see the woman that helps him get past that……how does he learn to love again……the cancer patient is gonna help this somehow…….by the end of this Liz knows what she wants, but will she be able to get it!?

Maxie’s New Man!
According to Mr. Guza they’ve been teasing Maxie & Matt for a while. Spinelli has lost his mojo Maxie wants to help him get it back & somehow this involves Matt. ( But SID or Guza does not bother to explain how that happens.) But we know Matt is attracted to Maxie. The question is will he help Maxie with Spin, or does he want something more!?

Crisis for Jason!
Look for JaSam to have a new arc where apparently the core of what does does is going to be challenged! But apparently Jason is gonna be dealing with the consequences of his actions according to Guza. But dont’ worry Sam will be there to step up! This crisis is gonna bring Jason & his water/coffee/beer girl even closer!

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