Meet Our New AMC Writer: Brian! First Thoughts…

Hey fellow soap fans! I am Brian and I am honored to be a member of this terrific soap site. I will try to 54559_23_4provide you all with all AMC news all the time. This will include my opinions, comings and goings, and big scoops. My first thought is about Rebecca Budig returning to AMC as Greenlee. I happen to think this is terrific news. Rebecca will make this show help move past losing Zack and Kendall, which wont be easy. I am hearing that AMC is banking on an Erika/Ryan/Greenlee storyline to appease fans so hopefully you all will like whats coming up there. I really hope Rebecca stays longer on AMC this time however because she is a terrific actress and AMC needs her. Again thanks For The Welcome!

Be on the lookout for Rebecca’s first air date. I will post it A.S.A.P.


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