Nick Newman: Stuck Between A Neurotic Rock & A Red Headed Hard Place

Finally the truth about the maybe-baby has hit the ears of Nicholas Newman. But what will be thenp outcome? This week, Nick will blast Sharon for keeping the maybe-baby’s paternity a secret from him. Nick will make it clear that he has no intentions of leaving Phyllis to be Sharon’s, well, whatever. Right as Nick is about to leave, some other wacky patient will cause a big ado, causing the mental ward to be put on lockdown.

Do not be alarmed! There will not be any freaky crazy Sharon/Nick sex. However, Nick will begin to soften towards Sharon after they spend some “quality” time together. Nick will finally be able to release himself from Sharon’s magical aura when the lockdown ends, but for how long?

While all of this is going on, Phyllis and Summer will be at the airport waiting for Nick. Phyllis will be taking Summer to Switzerland for medical reasons. After leaving the mental ward, Nick will make a bee line for the airport and his family but will remain mum about the maybe-baby. Nick, of course, will plan on telling Phyllis all about it when she gets home. Of course, we all know how that will work out. It will never be the “right time” to tell Phyllis, yada, yada, yada…

Nick has a conundrum on his busy impregnating hands. Choose his nutty pregnant ex-wife or his devoted but still scorned current wife? Either way, I think he should run.

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