OLTL: Oh the Drama!

Much ado in Llanview coming to a tv screen or DVR near you! Let’s get to it!:

Todd and Starr will attempt to escape from their captors, but will fail miserably.todd

Shaun will attempt to save Starr and Todd but will be shot in the process.

Todd will disappear during the shootout.

The Mayor will finally be arrested!

dorianDorian will be left as the scapegoat for the Mayor’s dirty deeds after he is arrested at a debate.

Rachel will decide to break up with Shaun, but upon learning that he has been shot, we think it’s safe to assume that she won’t be breaking up with him anytime soon.

Sergei threatens to kill Starr and Hope if John doesn’t help him skip town.john

There is trouble ahead for Jessica and Brody. Oh no!

Shaun, Greg and Destiny’s parents will arrive to be there for their son during his time of need.

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