Men Without Clothes: Mario Lopez

Some of you may recognize Mario Lopez from just about everywhere, but some of you may not know that this hot sexy glistening man was on B&B for a hot second in a recurring role. In fact, we cannot even remember the character name. Quite frankly, we don’t really care. We remember him most as A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell. I digress! Mario is currently portraying a highly sexual and competitive plastic surgeon on Nip/Tuck. If you ask us, he is doing an excellent job:

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The Return of Supernatural – The 6th Season

Supernatural, now on its 6th season is BACK with an explosive, yet captivating season premiere with Mitch Pileggi as Sam and Dean’s grandfather back for a mysterious cause.

Although this time, the show’s risky on a very uncertain direction, Supernatural’s always known for the big and explosive plotlines like in the cases of Season 4 and 5. Hopefully it won’t end up like one of those shows that just won’t seem to end even if the storylines are hardly recognizable anymore (ehem, One Tree Hill, ehem).

So who’s excited for Jensen Ackles’ directed episode?

same bitch time, same bitch channel…