Squish Names

Hey everybody! I am making a category for nothing but squish names. I know many, you know many…Leave me a message and let me know a few of your favorite squish names. I want the best ones ever! Thanks!


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  • STRIDGE -stephanie-ridge-taylor- Lucy came up w/ it.
    RAINIE -Ridge and Stephanie- supercouple soapsindepth did it.

    now i 'd like you to come up w/ a good name for the oddest triangle in daytime: Rafe/Adam/Heather 😛

  • Hmmmm. I accept your challenge. Just let me get this paper turned in. This one needs a lot of brain power.

  • take all the time u need, am sure u'll come up w/ a BOMB!!

  • Rafe/Adam/Heather—REGODDAMNDICULOUS there you go!

  • Rafe/Adam/Heather—REGODDAMNDICULOUS there you go!