The Baddest Bitch: Gossip Girl’s Georgina


As much as I enjoy watching all of the sinning and sexing on Gossip Girl, I rarely get the chance to actually sit down and watch it. Lately, I have been trying to remedy that situation and in the process, have discovered the one thing that will make me watch religiously: Michelle Trachtenberg’s character Georgina Sparks. Watching Georgina screw up everyone’s day on a weekly basis has suddenly become the highlight of my Monday nights. I remember Michelle in the Ice Princess, a movie I detest. However, I also remember her from 17 Again (starring Zac Efron), in which she was hilarious. Georgina is no different than any other “bad bitch” on prime time; but the ways that the show highlights her evilness are interesting and original. I admit that Gossip Girl is like a younger, fresher version of Sex & the City, but I thing GG took the premise of a classic show and turned into something that could really work for fans and the CW. Michelle has a lot going on, so our time with Georgina may be limited. Therefore, Jess and I will not miss an eppy, and if you like Gossip Girl you won’t either!

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