The Dart Board

dartboardEvery once in a while, every individual feels the need to take out frustrations on someone, but cannot without facing certain consequence and penalty. When violence is not the answer (and kids, it never is!), using a photo of your “offender” as a dart board is a healthy way to take out your aggressions. It may seem a little old school, but we promise, you will feel better!

Apparently, Tyra (Eva Marcille, Y&R) has the skill to work even the calmest of nerves. Under normal circumstances, Tyra is tolerable at best. As of late, she has become clingy, whiny, weepy, and most of all, weavey! No one is sure what goes on when this actress is in hair and wardrobe, but from what we can tell, no one really likes the end result.

Twitter blows up every time Tyra is on screen, with insults that would make Eva Marcille’s grandmother weep. This week, Twitter self combusted after a big blow up between Tyra and Devon turned into not-hot sex on the couch. devon and tyraEvery Y&R fan knew it was coming. However, none were prepared for the actual moment when it went down. We felt just as sick as Roxy did when she walked in on the boyfriend whom she thought hated Tyra doing the shag nasty with her. Tyra was even rubbing Devon’s cochlear implant. I thought Twitter was going to go down. Permanently.

So get out your darts friends, because this tale is just beginning. Speaking of tails, which type of animal will be posing as Tyra’s hair next?

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