Vanessa and Billy Get Hitched: GL

vanessaOf course we can expect the last few weeks of Guiding Light to be full of joy and merriment. So it was no surprise when Billy asked Vanessa to marry him again. This did indeed spark some jealousy in Matt who let Vanessa “slip away”.

What we find to be most amusing is that Reva will be the maid of honor. Reva’s original purpose in coming to Springfield was to put a serious kink in Billy and Vanessa’s chain of love. And that she did! Reva married Billy, and a whole lot of other guys too.

Billy and Vanessa gave it a few more tries, but something always did them in. Billy’s drinking, Billy’s temper, Vanessa’s moments of insanity….Maybe time does heal all wounds and Billy and Vanessa are meant to be together. Or the show’s demise means that they are meant to be together….

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