Why Austin Peck Really Got Fired

austin peckWe know this news is a little late, but better than never as they say…Austin Peck has been fired from ATWT as we reported a few weeks ago, although we weren’t sure. Nelson Branco confirmed it in his Suds Report, but with a few deets that we were unaware of. Apparently Mr. Playgirl Peck had an affair with one of his costars, causing this costar to leave her husband. Rumor has it that the husband is either a cast member or an actor on another show. Either way, its scandalous! Peter and I have discussed the possibilities but we will not add insult to injury. That is until we get confirmation of who the said cheating female was in this soap like debacle. What is surprising is that the identity of the other woman is so hush hush. Could that mean it was someone that ATWT considers invaluable? If so, who could it be?

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