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If My Broke Ass Were Going To The Emmys…

I can almost bet my life that I will never see any form of red carpet, much less the Daytime Emmy red carpet. I too am a woman who wishes that just for one night, someone other than my husband (and preferably much more buff) will take me away from boring life as a housewife. Since that is NEVER going to happen to me, here is a little taste of what I would wear if I had the chance to play Cinderella for one day:

Vera Wang is still my favorite red carpet designer. emmy2 When I think Daytime Emmys, I think light and airy, yet still sophisticated and glamorous. I think this Vera Wang gown just about covers it.

harry winstonMost of the “princesses” of the red carpet wear Harry Winston to add bling to their style. This Harry Winston ring is perfect and goes with the Grecian style of the dress.

Normally, I am a “less is more” kind of girl. However, earrings are a necessity. These beautiful diamond vine earrings are unique and fitting for the gown I would choose, and are also Harry Winston.earrings

A girl can dream…………

Don’t Call Me Mushmouth: GH

Ethan Lovett is one of those characters that we hate one day and then suddenly love the next. He blew through town with an agenda, which normally we find acceptable as long as the storyline is good. Ethan brought not only Rebecca with him to town, but also a real accent that we all thought was fake, and a greasy head of hair that never quits, even when we want it to.

When Ethan first came to Port Charles, he instantly adopted a Twitter nickname, Mushmouth. I’m not ethan1sure that anyone has ever been able to come with an exact reason, but it is definitely a mixture of the accent and the way his mouth moves in correlation with his face. Regardless of the reasons, Mushmouth was born.

ethanIt took months for the “jig” to be up, and Ethan exposed Rebecca and himself as scam artists. During that time, Ethan has done some things that make him a little redeemable such as the classic pool stick fight at Jake’s. Then there were the things that were done to Ethan, such as Rebecca breaking his heart that make him a little more likable.

We are loving Ethan right now as he finds his own identity in Port Charles, sans Rebecca. We are hopingethan2 that all this change comes with a new do. Ethan’s hair is just plain crazy almost daily and not in a good way. At this time, his only saving grace is that pony tail….

2 Tramps & A Gay Guy: OLTL

stacy2Even the coldest of hearts felt a twinge of pain when Stacy the Skank lost the baby-stax recently. That twinge quickly went away when it became painfully obvious that Stacy was not giving up on having Rex all to her skanky self. Enter her stripper friend, whats-her-slut, and you have a recipe for disaster.

We had to laugh when the two trallops laid in bed together, deciding which Llanview sucker would bestacy3 Stacy’s latest victim. Stacy and her stripper friend decided that Kyle would be the perfect choice. We beg to differ! Stacy called Kyle, who came running, most likely because he thought she had some dirt on him or something.

stacy4A dolled-up (but still ill built) Stacy tried to seduce a stunned Kyle while her voyeuristic friend hid in the closet. Hilarious. Kyle put the kibosh on Stacy’s lame seduction attempt and announced that he was gay. We were both shocked and amused that the stripper friend came out of the closet (pun intended) and asked Kyle if he wanted to “double down”.

We’re not sure if a threesome has ever been mentioned on a soap before, and we don’t care. Kyle ran the hell out of there and before the door was even closed, the stripper friend said “So, who’s next on our list?”

The video clip of this scene is conveniently posted to the right of this article. Enjoy!

Can I Have Seconds?: AMC

liza1I am not ashamed to admit that I love Red-Liza and support her in any and all things she does, good or bad. In Liza’s first week back in Pine Valley, she went to the casino and got some strange from Zach Slater. Zach was separated from his annoying wretch of a wife, Kendall, and was hungry for some loving. Liza was more than happy to feed it to him.

The affair ended the day it started and Zach ended up remarrying Kendall so he wouldn’t have to testify against her in her murder trial. Liza has had her hands full with a fake pregnancy, fake birth, and a newborn that she is having a hard time bonding with. David Hayward has taken quite an interest in Liza as well. Last week, Liza and David shared a steamy kiss….that led to David getting bitch slapped across the cheek.

Rumors are swirling that Red Liza isn’t quite through with Zach yet. What does this mean for Kendall, who’s portrayer Alicia Minshew will be going on maternity leave? Who cares? I think Zach’s life needs some spice in it, and Liza is the perfect vixen to Zach’s villian!