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Y&R Spoiler Alert! 8/31/09

adam1It has been a great week on Y&R with the Mary Jane debacle coming to hostage standoff, with Chance as chief negotiator. The ridiculous hits keep on coming! Is Mary Jane really pregnant? Is Adam EVER going to get busted? There is also Sharon, Nick and Phyllis to think about. Click on the pic above to get the scoop from Jillian at Daytime Confidential!

Another Baby Switch Say What?!

Sorry boys and girls, it looks like Y&R is going to go where every soap has gone before. Over and oversharon again. Ray Charles can see that Ashley is headed to the psychiatric hospital, and we would bet cash money that Sharon will just happen to be in the same ward. How many psych wards can there be in Genoa City anyway?

adamAdam has been laying some of the groundwork for a baby switch but most of it has been dumb luck. It doesn’t really matter how it happened. Ashley thinks that Adam is the only person in the world that she can trust. We all know how far that has gotten her up to ashley1this point.

How Adam will get away with it is beyond us. What we do know is that nothing that Adam pulls, or gets away with, surprises us anymore. Neither do baby switch story lines. Let’s see: Katherine and Jill, Nina and Rose, and Sheila and Lauren. We admit that Y&R usually does it better than the other soaps, but we wonder when this tired story line will be put down for a nap.

If the maybe-baby does get switched with the not-so baby, what of Sharon? How far into the depths of insanity will she be driven?