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GH: Kiefer’s Dead, but Will Anyone Pay?

After beating Kristina to a bloody pulp once again, Kiefer paid the ultimate price for his actions. Kiefer paid with his life. I can’t think of a better candidate for death. Kiefer made Claudia look like Glenda the Good Witch. Alexis slammed into Kiefer using her car as a deadly weapon, but will she ever have to pay for killing him? This IS General Hospital we are talking about. If Sonny can get away with murder, then it should be a piece of cake for Alexis to do the same. Spoilers say that Ethan is arrested yet again for crime he didn’t commit after Lucky finds a dent in his car. Will Alexis pull a Kristina and let Ethan take the blame for her actions?

GH: Mommy Dearest


On GH lately, Alexis has been determined to “make good” with Kristina and turn her into some kind of Stepford daughter. Like any teenager, Kristina is going through a variety of emotions and the last person she wants to discuss them with is her mother. We aren’t sure what Alexis is trying to prove, or whom she is trying to prove it too. What we see is Alexis blaming her lack of parenting skills on her oldest daughter, resident bad girl-turned-good girl Sam. It seems that every time Alexis tries to sit down and have a heart to heart with Kristina, she tends to use Sam and her past as an example of what not to do. Some little sisters would relish in being the “good” kid and mommy’s “favorite”, but Kristina is the first one to stick up for Sam and point out that Alexis has never been so angelic herself. Mother-daughter relationships are often complex and this one plays out similar to many do in real life. We are with Kristina on this one, Alexis should take a long look in the mirror before judging Sam anymore.