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AMC Spoiler Alert 4/19: Adam wants Brooke!

JR can’t get his mind off of Annie

Jack and Erica turn to each other for comfort

Palmer Cortlandt passes away

Opal and Daisy bond over their memories of Palmer

Brooke decides it’s time for her to leave Pine Valley

Adam tries to persuade Brooke to give their relationship a chance

JR makes a confession to Adam

Annie shows her true colors

David and Greenlee decide the fate of their marriage

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AMC Spoiler Alert 4/12

Kendall is shocked by Greenlee’s attitude

Zach talks to Greenlee

Kendall is reluctant to tell Greenlee the truth

Kendall puts her marriage first

JR is filled with self-loathing and guilt

JR resolves to forge ahead with his plans

Brooke is determined to stay by Adam’s side

Amanda remains in someone’s sights

David’s fate is decided

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AMC Spoiler Alert 4/5: Greenlee and Kendall Come Face to Face!

Greenlee is set on finding out about her accident.

David wants to protect Greenlee.

Erica tries stop Greenlee from talking to Kendall.

Greenlee and Kendall come face to face.

JR continues with his plans for Annie’s downfall.

Colby fears that JR might not be successful.

Adam remembers good times with Brooke.

Adam’s health continues to decline.

Someone notices Amanda.

Liza undermines Damon.

AMC Spoiler Alert 3/22: JR vs. Annie!


JR makes it his mission to take down Annie.

JR lets Colby in on his plans.

Angie finds that their are drugs missing and suspects Damon stole them.

Things go sour for Tad and Liza.

Randi gives Ryan a stern warning about Madison.

David has a suggestion for Red Liza.

Jack makes Pine Valley his home again.

Jack is determined to win back Erica.