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AMC Spoiler Alert! 10/5

The ridiculous of Pine Valley continues with more Ericryan romance, which we aren’t even sure if we are comfortable with yet. Jake and Amanda will try to patch things up in their relationship, but has David caused too much damage? Liza finally meets her baby’s mama as well. To see what else is going in at that crazy town on AMC, click on the link. Soaps.com has all the latest spoilers. Thanks!


AMC Spoiler Alert 9/28!

I am sorry, but some of the stuff going on in Pine Valley is almost intolerable to watch. However, there are a anniefew things to grasp on to, such as Zach and Liza and the hope that they will just shut up and have sex already. I am not sure if that is going to happen, but if you want to see what is coming up on AMC, click on the link. Go to Soaps.com for all the latest scoop.


Pine Valley Previews

jackCould it be true that Walt Willey has been put on recurring status? That’s what we are hearing.

Sofia Black-D’Elia will begin airing as Bailey, Lil Stuart’s bio mom soon. Look for Red Liza to be freaking out! Seems to us that Liza may go to drastic measures to keep Bailey quiet.

Amanda will forced to choose David and Trevor over Jake, even giving up her wedding ring as proof. david

David gets the idea in his head that he and Amanda can raise Trevor together. Guess he just wants to be one big happy family, sans Jake Martin.

Emma will go “missing” again, if missing means she will show up at Zach’s.

Emma will tell Liza and Zach that the Chandler Mansion is scary.

lizaandzachZach and Liza will make a play date for the kids, and an eavesdropping Kendall will freak out. Not surprised over here….

Spike will discover Kendall and tell Liza that she is “in the wall”. Sounds like a poltergeist….

Liza will inadvertently find Kendall’s hiding spot. Will she stay quiet?

Look for Aidan to come back soon, with Greenlee in tow. Maybe.aidan

Jesse will threaten Madison’s life, but will it matter?

Adam’s memory continues to become clearer.