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The Longest Acceptance Speech EVER!

We think that Vincent Irizarry deserved to win his Emmy just as much as, well, he did. Vincent looked dapper and proud as he stood in front of the podium with his new gold lady friend. Then he started talking. Every man or woman deserves the customary 2 min. or so to thank “everyone that made this possible” and to give shout outs to spouses, but Mr. Irizarry thanked everyone except my neighbor’s cat. The music started to play, a cue that maybe he should zip his trap and get off the stage, but Vincent took no hints and continued to thank the world. Vincent finally said his last thank you and attempted to leave the stage, but went the wrong way. One of the hostess chicks saved him and pulled him back in the right direction. All of this aside, we still think he is a great actor! vincent

Kendall Is Innocent. Snore.

kendall2If you are one of those AMC fans who can still watch scenes that involve Kendall, then you might want to know that she is innocent. She will remember suddenly while writing her new book on her trusty laptop. For those of you AMC fans who are tired of hearing her whine, I am sure this is good news. I suppose Kendall’s next move is to leave her attic combine and rush to the prison, where she will just waltz in and announce her innocence and be cleared of all charges. Haven’t we been here before?

AMC: Asylum Annie is Having a Baby!

Rumors are swirling that Annie has a bun in her evil oven. Who’s baby is she cooking up? Could it be annie and scottAdam’s, or some other random Chandler bun in there? (Ahem, Scott. Ahem, J.R.) Who the hell knows. All we know is that this pregnancy is going to blow up Pine Valley. I am willing to bet a Starbucks (and I mean this) that Annie’s baby will be Stuart’s. Just a guess.

Mr. Kane #27: AMC

With so much Kendall drama going on in Pine Valley, I am surprised so many people are able to find love. Unsolved murders and missing babies have made it impossible for me tune in. Okay. That’s not true. However, I do want more romance on all my soaps, just like the rest of you.

I was watching yesterday’s episode and I saw Kendall in the attic, writing a book. I saw Zach trying to fight his attraction to Liza. I saw Frankie flipping out over Amanda’s baby. I saw Marissa….I was about to just fast forward when I saw Erica and Ryan, out on what was seemingly a date. Erica looked beautiful and refreshed as Ryan took her out for a night on the town. They wined, they dined, they took pictures of themselves with a digital camera.

At the end of the date, musical montage and all, Ryan leaned in and Erica stood up on her tippy toes and a kiss was shared. Unfortunately, the shadows from the night blocked a good camera shot of the kiss, but I am NOT complaining. We want more! How much more though?

We will have to wait and see how this budding romance turns out. Will it be a casual affair between two consenting adults, or will Erica and Ryan actually fall in love? And what of the not-so-dead Greens? I doubt she will be very pleased when she comes back from the dead to find her almost-husband with a cougar.