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AMC Spoiler Alert 7/12: Erica and Caleb Kiss!

Per SoapCentral.com:

Annie is hired at Chandler Enterprises as the new Public Relations representative

Colby suspects Damon of cheating

Jack had doubts about Erica

Caleb and Erica kiss

Erica and Jack postpone their wedding

Ryan is on hand when Greenlee gets drunk

Frankie’s job is in jeopardy

AMC Spoiler Alert 6/28

Per Soap Central:

Bianca thinks that David should take the fall

David finds himself tossed out of Wildwind

Angie tells Jake about her suspicions

Palmer’s will has a shocking surprise for everyone

Opal pushes Erica and Caleb to respect Palmer’s request

Amanda finds the pictures of Liza

Ryan and Madison continue to be drawn to each other

Tad takes a swing at Paul

Damon has a choice to make about Colby

AMC Spoiler Alert 6/21: NuBianca is Drugged!

Per Soap Central:

Jackson proposes

Scott is desperate to get hold of Palmer’s will

Greenlee comes face-to-face with Erica

David slips Bianca some drugs

Fusion’s doors are closed

Erica, Greenlee, and Bianca join forces

Tad talks to Damon about adoption

Caleb can’t stop thinking about Erica

Angie’s health deteriorates

Natalia is promoted to detective

AMC Spoiler Alert 4/26: Adam Wants a Divorce!

Courtesy of Soap Central:

Annie plots to take back what she lost

Liza presents Annie with divorce papers from Adam

Amanda is troubled by her stalker’s escalating behavior

Jake takes steps to lure out the stalker

Ryan watches over Madison

David senses that Madison might be the key to get to Ryan

Erica and Jackson make a decision about their relationship

Tad looks for Damon