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AMC Spoiler Alert!

44Looks it might be an exciting week for Zach and Kendall fans when they finally confess their love for one another. We are sure this might include an attic love making session….Annie continues to avoid being busted by all her lies, but Sexy Scott will be there for her once again. To see what else in coming up in Pine Valley, let us take you to Soaps.com for all the latest scoop. Just click on the pic!

AMC Spoiler Alert! 8/31/09

I think we all knew deep down inside that Amanda and Jake’s little prank wasn’t REALLY going to work.amanda SoapCentral.com is just one of the sources reporting that the whole Trevor switch debacle will be blown out of the water. Would we want it any other way? Click on the pic the terrified couple to see what else Soap Central has to predict for next week!


AMC: Asylum Annie is Having a Baby!

Rumors are swirling that Annie has a bun in her evil oven. Who’s baby is she cooking up? Could it be annie and scottAdam’s, or some other random Chandler bun in there? (Ahem, Scott. Ahem, J.R.) Who the hell knows. All we know is that this pregnancy is going to blow up Pine Valley. I am willing to bet a Starbucks (and I mean this) that Annie’s baby will be Stuart’s. Just a guess.