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AMC: An Interestingly Indecent Proposal

1On today’s episode of AMC, Annie caught a serious case of panickitis. Fearing that Adam would dump her on her ass upon learning about their non-existent baby, Annie decided it was time to fess up. Scott had other plans. Adam, in true soap fashion, walked in on the end of that conversation and began to question what the topic of conversation was all about. Scott averted the truth, appeasing Adam, who left the room. Annie thought long and hard and came up with a plan. She urged Scott to push her down the stairs, thus causing a fake miscarriage that would end her fake pregnancy. Annie asked the wrong guy. Certainly Scott will help her pull off some kind of scheme, but pushing Annie down the stairs most likely isn’t an option. Scott refused Annie’s indecent proposal, for now. We are confident that he will do Annie’s bidding when the time is right.

Gigi’s AMC Prediction: Annie’s Having a Baby!

11During today’s episode of AMC, a rather desperate Annie managed to spit out these two words: “I’m pregnant!”. Ok. I am pretty sure that this is NOT really the case. This leads me to the following prediction:

Annie will need to get pregnant fast if she wants to keep Adam and herself out of jail. I’m not sure if Adam is shooting blanks or not, but it would seem more likely than not. Since there is a young and fertile young straggler in the Chandler home in the form of Scott, it appears that Annie has a way out. It’s not a secret that Scott has feelings for Annie and Annie is attracted to him as well. So, it only seems rational that Annie and Scott should do the shag nasty and make that Chandler baby. Now, keeping it just between the two of them will prove to be the challenge as Annie’s schemes have a way of never working out, usually as a result of her own idiocy. Wouldn’t it be great if it turns out that Adam is sterile and can’t have anymore children at all?

AMC: Asylum Annie Weds Adam Chandler, Sort Of


Wedding bells will be ringing this week in Pine Valley! Annie and Adam’s canceled wedding will be not so canceled, but have no fear. This wedding will be full of hitches as Adam realizes what really happened to Stuart in the middle of the nups. After collapsing to the floor, Adam will manage to squeeze out the words “I do” in a completely different context to the wedding going on around him. This will prompt Annie to declare herself as Mrs. Adam Chandler. Will it hold up? We think so. Adam most likely will still want to be married to Annie. After all, she was only trying to protect him, right?