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Holy Wicked Weaves

It’s no hidden secret that Y&R has gone crazy with the weaves that hair and make up slaps on its actresses. What we don’t understand is why? Here’s the 411 analysis of this hairy situation:

Tyra Hamilton: When Tyra showed up in Genoa City she had short hair and was quite stunning. tyraThe character was strong, fresh, and enjoyable to watch. Suddenly, Tyra began donning weaves of all different lengths and textures. With each passing weave, the character declined more and more until NO ONE wanted to see Tyra on screen ever again. Hair and make up made an ass out of Eva Marcille again by attaching some kind of animal tail to her head and sending her on set to seduce Devon. Ew. We haven’t seen much of her since, not that we are complaining, but we don’t think it can get much worse than that!

mac1Mackenzie Browning: When Clementine Ford began playing Mac, we took an instant dislike to her. With her short hair and monotone voice, we were instantly calling “RECAST!”. Instead of taking our advice, and yours too, hair and make up slapped some extensions on Mac to make her appear younger. Wardrobe hooked her up with some cleavage-ready outfits and for a hot second, we had a change of heart. It didn’t last. Clementine Ford still kind-of sucks. Sorry girl.

Recently, AMC jumped in the wacky weave races by dropping a hot mess on top of Angie’s head. angieWe aren’t exactly sure what they were going for, but we liked the short, curly, more age appropriate hair do that Angie was sporting before. That weave/wig/pelt is too much for us!

Can I Have Seconds?: AMC

liza1I am not ashamed to admit that I love Red-Liza and support her in any and all things she does, good or bad. In Liza’s first week back in Pine Valley, she went to the casino and got some strange from Zach Slater. Zach was separated from his annoying wretch of a wife, Kendall, and was hungry for some loving. Liza was more than happy to feed it to him.

The affair ended the day it started and Zach ended up remarrying Kendall so he wouldn’t have to testify against her in her murder trial. Liza has had her hands full with a fake pregnancy, fake birth, and a newborn that she is having a hard time bonding with. David Hayward has taken quite an interest in Liza as well. Last week, Liza and David shared a steamy kiss….that led to David getting bitch slapped across the cheek.

Rumors are swirling that Red Liza isn’t quite through with Zach yet. What does this mean for Kendall, who’s portrayer Alicia Minshew will be going on maternity leave? Who cares? I think Zach’s life needs some spice in it, and Liza is the perfect vixen to Zach’s villian!