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The 411 Superstar of the Week: Eileen Davidson


The climax of the baby switch debacle on Y&R is finally upon us! Yes, the tale was convoluted and we have been waiting forfreakingever for Adam’s lies to be uncovered. Almost everyone in Genoa City is involved somehow, each being somehow negatively affected by Adam’s reign of terror.

Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case are delivering stellar performances as Sharon deals with the truth and Phyllis deals with the thought of a possible reunion between her husband and his ex. However, we want to give props to Eileen Davidson this week for bringing the pain and denial of losing yet another baby to our screens.

Years ago, Ashley lost her baby Robert, and ultimately lost her mind. Davidson proved then that she could do mentally ill well. This week, Ashley’s denial and desperation will cause her to leave GC with Faith. The question is, will she stay gone?

Oh No Y&R Didn’t! Gigi’s Prediction

As I was watching Jack and Billy defend the honor of Colleen’s heart while Tracy tried to talk them down, someone brought it to attention that Tracy is always the one that has to console everyone else. As I agreed with this statement, my began to drift….

Tracy will have to stay in town w/ Ashley to help her take care of the “baby”. The question is, which baby will it be? Sharon’s little Faith? Black market baby that Adam digs out of his dastardly bag of tricks? My prediction? The not-so baby isn’t not-so after all. What if Ashley is still pregnant? I think she just may be. I have considered other avenues as well. Sharon and Nick could raise “Hope” who would be his half sister. Ashley will raise Faith with the Abbotts after Victor abandons her for Nikki and the two lovebirds ride off into the sunshine for a little va-cay. The problem with the latter is that no one wants to deal with this storyline anymore. I say expose Adam by bringing in 3 babies and forcing him to explain his damn self! What do you see happening with Adam’s storyline? Will the baby switch go off without a hitch? Leave us your predictions down below and we will post them on the site, if you wish.



John Abbott: Never In The Shadow

john1It has been three years to the day since John Abbott died on Y&R. Of course, the show must go on. However, I think we all can agree that without John on our screen, the show has changed over the last three years. It was so nice to see John appear to Jack on today’s eppy. John complimented Jack on his abilities as the patriarch of the Abbott family since his passing. Jack responded that John would always be the patriarch of the family and that he would always walk in his father’s shadow. Amidst all the other craziness on the show lately, it was a classic moment and a great tribute to the character of John.

John appears in ghostly form every so often to counsel his children for the greater good. john2I’m not sure that even John can pull Ashley out of this abyss that Adam has led her into. It is unfortunate that Ashley has to go through all this; however it always a welcome surprise to see the king of Jabot.