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Y&R’s Eileen Davidson to Appear on The Wendy Williams Show!

According to Sony’s The Young and the Restless site and Daytime Confidential, Eileen Davidson (Ashley) will appear on The Wendy Williams show July 14 to promote her book, Diva Las Vegas which will be on shelves July 13.

Love it or Hate it: Y&R’s Ashley and Tucker

I know many fans find Ashley’s too quick romance with Neil disheartening and, quite frankly, a complete and utter snoozefest. In recent weeks, we were privy to the spark that already exists between Ashley and Tucker. Neil noticed it too, and he is not happy by what he sees. Even he knows he can’t hang next to Tucker. So what do you think? Do you love Ashley and Neil? Love Ashley and Tucker? Or, are you one of the few that think Ashley should give Victor yet another go? Please leave your thoughts and comments below. Thanks!

Y&R: The Color Purple


This week on Y&R, Ashley’s memory will be triggered when she receives a gift from her mother Dina. The gift? A purple baby blanket for Faith. The memory? That would be the night that Adam donned Sabrina’s purple dress, scaring Ashley and ultimately causing her to fall down the stairs and lose her baby. As the memories come crashing through, Ashley will confront Adam who will lie and deny that the incident ever happened. Unlike before, Ashley will not be manipulated by Adam and vows to get to the bottom of things. Ashley will fill Neil in on the Adam shenanigans, and he too will be on a mission to solve the mystery. If Ashley remembers that night, will she remember the death of her unborn baby? Will she keep the secret to herself in order to keep Faith?

Y&R: Ashley Makes The First Move!


Our Twitter friends Daytime Royalty posted a very interesting spoiler article about the current Nikki, Ashley, and Victor debacle. Apparently, Ashley is a lot stronger that we thought and she will NOT be standing by while Victor and Nikki trample over her heart (and her sanity) and ride off into the recurring status sunset together. Our brand new Ashley has made a decision about her marriage to Victor and will be the first one to mention the big D word. If you would like to read this article for yourself, we have posted a direct link for you. Just click on the pic!


Y&R: Ashley’s Rude Awakening


Ashley Abbott is usually a strong business woman who is confident, independent, and strong spoken. Until she subjects herself to another go with Victor Newman. Let us put Adam’s gaslighting aside. Throughout Y&R history, Ashley has been Victor’s go to rebound girl. When he is mad at his Nikki, Victor wants to be with Ashley. Yes, over the years, Victor and Nikki have been with lots of other partners. Sadly, Ashley is the only one that continues to come back for more. It’s as if she just has to prove to herself that she really is Victor’s true love. This last time, Ashley was used twice by Victor. Once to get over Sabrina, and once more to get over his love for Nikki. But alas, Victor has been through a traumatic event, with his Nikki by his side. Ashley wants Victor to come home to her and “Faith”. Victor has no intentions of doing so and in the back of Ashley’s mind, she knows it. We are not sure how long the maybe-baby drama will last. It could be weeks, months, or even years. With Eric Braeden leaving the show (for now), and MTS going with him, looks like Ashley will be all alone. To be with Adam?