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ATWT Spoiler Alert 3/29

Things heat up between Carly and Jack.

Lily and Holden unite in order to help Faith

Lily wants what she can’t have and gets wrapped up in a scheme.

Frannie Hughes comes home to Oakdale in the form of Julianne Moore!

Bob and Kim celebrate another wedding anniversary.

Chris and Katie still feel that old spark…

Luke stands up for Reid and the couple finally decides to go for it.

ATWT Spoiler Alert 3/22: Dusty’s in Trouble!


Chris and Alison bond, but Alison is weary of getting too close.

Chris’s feelings for Alison trouble Bob and Kim.

Kim is troubled by Bob’s lack of interest in their upcoming anniversary.

Dusty is in danger. Again.

Carly is on to Craig.

Molly and Lily can’t see eye to eye.

Janet and Dusty’s plans for the future might be thwarted by Jack.

Barbara covers for Henry as things continue to get serious.

The sexual tension between Luke and Reid continues to grow.

Reid considers not leaving town after all.

ATWT Spoiler Alert 3/15: Noah Leaves Oakdale!


Emily becomes more and more attached to Eliza.

Luke asks Noah for assurance that they will be together in the future, but Noah says he’s not capable of giving Luke what he needs.

Luke and Noah break up and Noah leaves Oakdale.

Barbara promises to keep Henry’s secret.

Holden comforts Lily.

ATWT Spoiler Alert 3/8


Dusty and Craig go to war over Johnny.

Barbara and Henry have genuine feelings for one another.

Bob and Kim are embroiled in a battle of their own.

Chris Hughes returns in the form of Daniel Cosgrove!

Hunter and Maddie’s relationship is altered.

The bond between Noah and Luke continues to weaken.

Noah gets his sight back, but at what cost?

Janet has to make a hard decision.

Parker finds new love.

ATWT Spoiler Alert 2/08

West.Park.ColombinoSusan realizes that Alison slept with Mick. Carly & Jack find Liberty and Parker in bed together. Lily finds a crazed Meg in her home and Emily finds Paul with a gun and learns who he wants to harm. These are just some of next weeks ATWT highlights. For more detailed spoilers, go to Soap Opera Source, an awesome site for scoops.