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Dental Records Don’t Lie, But Damian Does: ATWT

We all watched the giant debacle that was Holden’s truck rolling over a cliff and exploding into one giant tacky 1980’s camera job explosion. How could anyone survive such a travesty right? accident

Wrong. There were two bodies in the truck went it was rolling, and one when it was discovered after the crash. I am horrible at math but even I know that one body is still unaccounted for. The body remaining is badly burned and unidentifiable.

damianDamian is hard at working trying to convince Lily, Emma, Meg, and Luke that Holden is gone forever. He will get some help this week when the dental records of the body are compared to those of Holden. Damian will be the first and only person to find out that the dental records do not match. Of course, he will keep this little tidbit from Lily and the rest for his own personal reasons. For the first time in a long time, I actually feel sorry for Meg.

I feel even more sorry for myself because I am still of the belief that Holden, Paul, and Damian are the hottest things moving on ATWT. Now, I am down one. Damn. Hurry back Jon Hensley!holden1

No More Brad. Maybe: ATWT: Update!

Daytime Confidential is reporting that Austin Peck has been fired from As the World Turns. I am not sure how that would play out, but that’s half the comic relief right there. Who will be the next to put up with Katie’s crap?austin-peck-shirtless

I dropped a note below that this was all a big mistake. However, it is looking more and more as if Austin Peck has been let go from ATWT. There is no confirmation, but when rumors are swirling like this, they are usually true.

So long Brad, we knew thee well and laughed our asses off while doing it.